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Who We Are

Pupil Houzz is known for its innovative and creative content when it comes to home improvement services. Our goal is tailored around making your home the best relaxation site. A fact exists that your home defines you. And to live a life that is healthy and safe, then your home must provide the cleanliness and comfort available. We understand that some homes do not have so much space. However, we do not believe that is a limitation to have everything clustered together. Even the little-less of spaces can be improved. It all depends on the right information available to you and how you utilize this information for the transformation of your home.

Pupil Houzz has defined goals of providing articles on a day-by-day basis, that are relevant to your home improvement exercise. Our team is structured in such a way that all of our team members have professional as well as individual experiences in all topics revolving around Home Improvement. A clean, tranquil, tidy, and well-organized home is achievable.

We publish articles on topics such as Bathroom, Kitchen, Gardening, and Ceilings, to mention but a few. As an omnibus clause, we publish all kinds of topics related to home improvement. Our core beliefs at Pupil Houzz are that homes can be managed and they can be improved than it is, even if you cannot afford luxurious home improvement materials. No matter how small your budget is, there is always a package and approach that can make your home a palace of dreams. We do not only offer How-to articles; we also offer expert tips that will assist you in your home improvement journey.

Furthermore, a well-developed plan is necessary to achieve that exquisite home. Putting everything into check, we help you actualize your plans. We already know what you are looking for and have experienced it firsthand. Also, the approaches we have taken to resolve the issues have made us come up with the best technical know-how that will be suited for your home improvement exercise.

The core of all you will be reading on our website will help you make your home a paradise on earth. And you will not have any problem inviting your family and friends over for dinner and other social events.

Our Purpose

At Pupil Houzz, our purpose is to provide creative and informative content to our readers for their home improvement plans. We are passionate about home improvement, and we have come together as a group of visionary individuals, with over 15 combined years of experience, to help families address all home improvement issues.

A purposeful approach is necessary to set everything in place in your home. The Bathroom should be kept in this way, a kitchen should wear this kind of look, how to get rid of stubborn stains, installation of security devices and effects, your dining sets, amongst others. These are the things we identify with. We understand where you need adjustments and we strive to provide professional service blogging to address all your home improvement undertakings.

Pupil Houzz is an intentional brand in home improvement, as we offer bespoke information and detailed articles on a step-by-step guide and How-to content. Additionally, we offer useful tips and safety measures to improve your property and make it worth more than gold. Our core areas include:

  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Kitchen
  • Gardening
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Ceiling
  • Flooring
  • Wall Improvement
  • Windows
  • Door  
  • Tiles
  • Tub reglazing
  • Pest control
  • Room and Decoration
  • Garages
  • Furniture
  • Plumbing and piping
  • Household Cleaning
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Door Locks
  • Lighting Kits
  • Home Interior and Exterior Design
  • Electrical and Electronics.

We understand that each home is unique and our approach is to provide information that is dynamic and usable by every kind of homeowner. Be it a small home or a mansion. In addition, the design, colors, and approaches are unique. Thus, we do not emphasize strict compliance with the information provided on our website. We only hope you use them as a guide to achieving your dream home.


Pupil Houzz was started in 2021 by a group of visionary individuals who recognized the arduous decision faced by Home Owners who want to beautify their homes and change some of the old features in the home they just purchased. We have identified these problems ourselves and know that it is sometimes hard to decide whether to change that bathroom setting, adjust this kitchen shelf, and do other home renovations you might think of.

These have brought us together to make those decisions easy for you, by providing professional information about any Home Improvement you might think of. Thus, you can trust all the articles on our website to have thoroughly undergone expert scrutiny before they are posted. And as you know, our team also shares expert articles on situations we have faced and how we have addressed them in a step-by-step guide.

Our Team

Jerome V. Adger Founder & Analyzer

In my early years, there was a problem at home with our plumbing and piping. And from a background where we nearly have always wanted to spend on experts fixing any problems in our home. It occurred to me one day when the plumber was fixing a pipe, that this is something I could do and even address better than he did. Well, after college, I had to put in for a vocational training course to be an expert in Bathroom, Plumbing, and Piping jobs. And today, I can boast of having all the needed expertise that the world’s best home improvement professional could have.

What more? With the development of Information Technology, I realized that people now bring their home improvement issues first online to see if they can find a solution to them. That motivated me to learn content writing. Combined with my vocational training, I have been able to write informational articles on Home Improvements related to Bathrooms, Plumbing, and Piping amongst others.

Readers, I am Jerome V. Adger, a college Graduate from the University of Manitoba, with a major in Physics. I have published compelling articles on Bathrooms, Plumbing and Piping, Laundry, Paints, Repair, and Renovations.

Mickey DimaggioChief Editor & Publisher

pupilhouzz writer

Mickey Dimaggio is an expert home improvement blogger who has written over 30 articles that have been featured in “Notable Magazines” over the last 2 years.  His specific area of concentration is Home Exterior and Interior, Gardens and Landscaping, Room and Decoration, and Garages. If Mickey is not conducting research on how best to improve your home and creating engaging home improvement content, he is watching his favorite soccer team, playing a video game, or hanging out with friends in gardens that radiates life. Mickey graduated from the New York School of Interior Design in 2018.

Lakia CobbContent Writer & Publisher

laika  cob

Lakia’s vision is to provide bespoke home improvement content in Kids’ rooms, Kitchens, Laundry, Household and Cleaning, and Bedrooms. Most of what she has experienced growing up with her mother, and now that she has her children.

Day by day, new ideas come to her mind around these areas that she knows can help mothers and wives in their homes. And she has continually strived to keep up with that, dedicating her spare time to attending conferences that help women maintain and manage their kids’ rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and a lot more. All to alleviate stress and ensure that they keep their homes kept to the best standard available.

Lakia’s hobbies include baking, hanging out with families and friends, organizing seminars on home improvement, talk shows, and food blogging. She has a dog she loves named Jackie and she cuts her garden lawn herself. Lakia is a graduate of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh where she graduated with honors in Home Economics.

Ella SpringerEditor in Chief

Ella Springer pupilhouzz writer

Ella Springer has been a noted name in the home improvement space over the last 3 years. She has authored several How-to guides on Furniture, Door Lock, Electronics and Electrical Appliances, Repair, and Renovation. Quite recently, she got recognized for her outstanding contribution to the Security and Surveillance community, for all her informative contributions towards challenges faced in the field and how to address them.

At Pupil Houzz, Ella commands the respect of her colleagues, as she offers good recommendations on how to improve homes taking into account the innovation in the Tech industry. She is quite open to the views of others and accommodates criticism and counter opinions. These have helped to make Pupil Houzz stand out as one of the leading Companies in Home Improvement Service Providers. Ella has garnered a lot of experience in different Tech companies over the years and she continues to improve herself in areas she finds innovative and those areas she has expertise in. She graduated from the University of Toronto, with an honors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.