Can You Put a Barn Door on an Arched Doorway

Can You Put a Barn Door on an Arched Doorway: Is It Possible?

Many people want to change the setting of their homes, and they often inquire ‘can you put a barn door on an arched doorway? This question is relevant because there are situations where you have existing doors and would like to convert the existing door as a barn door on an arched doorway door. This article will explain what a barn door is, and how you can put a barn door on an arched doorway.

What is a barn door?

According to the dictionary, a barn door is a large door of a barn. In a clear term, a barn door is a sliding door that has a metal flap that is easy to open and close. And it is typically used as studio strobes.

The conventional door is different from the Barn door in that the door opens in a swinging manner, whereas the barn door is usually a sliding door. Unlike the typical door, a barn door does not take much space on the wall to open properly. They do not require so much floor space to swing open. Also, it is often layered flatly against the wall when they open, the way other conventional doors open, taking up space or obstructing space.

Can you put a barn door on an arched doorway?

Now let us jump to the question, can you put a barn door on an arched doorway? Definitely, you can put a barn door on an arched doorway. However, you should do some calculations before you conclude. Additionally, there are four kinds of archways. You may have to pick the one that best suits your taste. Here are the four arched doorways:

  • Soft archway: This arch, native to the Roman people had been preserved over time. It is still in use around the world today. It is an eyebrow shape, with a segment that allows for simplicity, yet maintains a defined style. It is the type of archway fit for a doorway into the dining room.
  • Half-circle archway: It is a good type of archway that is ideal for both interior and exterior. It is a semicircular design, similar to Spanish architecture. The Half-circle archways look beautiful for both bathroom and barn doors.
  • Gothic archways: Created in the medieval period by medieval masons, the gothic archway is found on doors of cathedrals and churches in Europe. It is pointed at the center.
  • Bell Curve archway: This is a bell arch and has a resemblance to the mathematical bell curve. Though the arched has a gentle curve around the center, the edges have more flair as they extend up rather than down.

When you plan to hang your door on an arched doorway, you are advised to check the framing available first. You might have to cut a 2” by 2” section along the drywall. According to BarnDoorHardware, to realize if there is a beam, you have to cut 6 inches over the doorway. To have good support, there is a need for a stud or woodblock underneath.

Also, keep in mind that the archway is not similar to the structure of a regular door. The top might have to be sealed with plywood. Since the door comes in a variety of style, you might want to choose the one that best fit the arched doorway.

The selection of the hardware that fits your arched doorway is the next in line. The hardware will determine how the barn door overlaps the wall.

The installation of a door in an arched doorway is a demanding process. Thus, planning must be in place. Many holes are required to be drilled to install the door hardware for your arched doorway. Thus, you are enjoined to plan accordingly.

Furthermore, Alibaba has a good list of French doors for arched doorways that you can purchase the one that beautifully addresses your housing needs and home improvement. You should browse through their website, and you are sure to get the best deal and design that you need.

How to install a barn door on an arched doorway

To install a barn door on an arched doorway, the right preparation must be put in place.

  • Measure the size of the door that fits your arched doorway: You don’t want to waste your money getting the wrong door or having a door that does not fit your arched doorway. Thus, measure the arched doorway to get the barn door size.
  • Get the hardware tools: You need to get all the necessary tools to install the door on an arched doorway.
  • Get and follow the instruction:  

Step 1

Measure the door heights and add 2 inches. Use a stud finder to find studs. Then Place and screw in the board at the top.

Step 2

Then you have to screw the metal bars in place at the top and the bottom.  You will need the door stopper in place. Measure the hardware so you can know what you need to hang the door.

Step 3

Double-check the measurement before you drill the door.  When you are sure the right measurement was taken, drill the door. Place in the hanging hardware and screw down

Step 4

Hang your door on the arched doorway. An anti-screw mechanism should be put in place to prevent the door from going off-track. Two would be sufficient to keep the door in check.

Step 5

Measure 8 inches at the middle of the door for the door handles. Once the right point measurement is gotten, drill the door. Then put the handles in place. Lastly, you want to use the door tracker to prevent the door from screeching.

Step 6

You might find spaces available at the arched intersection of your barn door. If the space is enough to take an arched window, you are advised to use the space for arched windows that match your barn door or room design. However, where the space is not large enough for an arched window, you can use cut-to-size drywall to fit the space.

Can you put a barn door on an arched doorway: Tips 

  • The best tip available is that you should try as much as possible to stick to Instructions, as it is necessary to completely have your door installed on an arched doorway.
  • Ensure when you drill the holes for the handle, you have no interruption at the other end. Therefore, it is recommended to have the door halfway through the space.
  • Note that the instructions above are critical to installing a 2-panel arch-top barn door.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it worth it to put a barn door on an arched doorway?

Yes, it is worth putting a door as an arched doorway door for good reasons.

Can you make a regular door a barn door?

Not all regular doors can be barn doors. Because there are some specific requirements a door must meet to qualify as a barn door. There are; the door must be devoid of hinges, it must be a close-to somewhat barn door, it must be tall to cover up little opening, and it must have a solid framing a barn door would have. It would ensure sliding into the arched barn door kit. Furthermore, it must be sufficiently wide to cover your door opening with limited overlap.

Can I use my existing door as a barn door?

Yes, it is possible to use an existing door as a barn door. However, you will need some tools. After you have all the tools handy to shape your existing door into a barn door, you will have to remove the existing door from the frame and remove the hinges and other Hardware attached to it. After which, you will have more wood to the door for width and height as Barn doors are typically wider and taller than regular doors. Then you should create a design for your barn door and paint it once done. You have to assemble it, add the necessary hardware a barn door will need, and you have successfully created a barn door from an existing door.

Can you use a barn door as an exterior door?

The beauty of the barn door is not limited to the interior of your home alone, it could also be used as an exterior door. Thus, the barn door is perfect as an exterior door.

Can you use a standard door for a barn door?

A standard door can be used as a barn door. But you may have to make some modifications and get extra tools which naturally goes with a barn door to achieve the result.


This article commenced by explaining the general idea behind having a barn door – can you put a barn door in an arched doorway – It is part of a home improvement mechanism. A barn door was defined, and a clear distinction was made between it and the regular doors. Then the main topic of the discourse was thoroughly answered, noting that it is possible to put a barn door on an arched doorway but the right preparation must be put in place. The necessary tools and materials are essential to install a barn door on an arched doorway.

Additionally, the article discusses how to install a barn door on an arched doorway numbered step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions. It is submitted that you should follow the tips and instructions to successfully install your barn door on an arched doorway.



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