Can You Use Magic Eraser On Reglazed Tub

Can You Use Magic Eraser on Reglazed Tub – Expert’s Verdict

When you are facing reglazed tub problems, the first question that comes to mind is, “Can you use a magic eraser on the reglazed tub? Well, the answer will be provided in the subsequent paragraph. So, keep reading. 

Generally, your bathroom is one of the most important places that determines how clean and tidy you are as a person. Keeping your tub clean should therefore be a priority. Perhaps you have just got your tub reglazed and want to continue maintaining that shiny cleanliness. You need to know how to keep a reglazed tub so that you don’t get it scratched and give it other non-desirable effects.  So, can you use a magic eraser on the reglazed tub? The answer to that question is, “yes, you can.” But you must know what a magic eraser is and how to use it properly. 

Magic Eraser: What it is

Magic Eraser is a Non-abrasive bathroom cleaner (a sponge) that can be used to clean your tub. It is not like other abrasive materials which can cause damage to your tubs, such as wire brushes, steel wool, hard face sponges, and steel scourer, to mention a few. People know magic erasers as cost-effective and can restore the shiny effect you want your bathtub to retain. 

You must use a magic eraser the right way because it can determine the lifespan of your reglazed tub.   Many homeowners have resorted to using other cleaners such as Ajax, comet, and other top-rated cleaners, which may have served the purpose; unfortunately, the after-effect has not been the best tale to tell.  The abrasive material in these cleaners has had a counterproductive impact on their user’s reglazed tub, and they do not last as expected. 

Mr. Clean’s magic eraser is reputed to be a sponge that is mild, easy on the surface cleaner. It is safe in keeping grease and soap scum away from the surface of your refurbished bathtub. However, the liquid or foamy version is reputed to have an instantaneous effect. Also, Mr. Clean’s magic eraser is the best to use on a reglazed tub. Based on expert recommendations, you are advised to scrub gently when you use the magic eraser. 

For their adverse effects, America Refinishing Pros advised that you avoid using products such as pure bleach, very harsh acids, ammonia, and clog remover. Also, they advised you to keep out of the list of things you use for your tub cleaning – highly acidic formulas – as they might be unsafe and have an unwanted effect on your bathtub.  If you are trying out a new cleaner to correct reglazed tub problems, they recommend first using it on a small surface; to see the results before using it on your entire tub. That way, you minimize any adverse effects that may likely occur from the wrong tub cleaner. 

How to use magic eraser on the reglazed tub

Step 1: Choose your magic eraser 

You always have a choice if your once-glazed tub has been reglazed. You have to choose the right tub cleaner that does not have a disastrous effect on your tub. There are several magic erasers on the market. One of them has been discussed earlier. That is the Mr. Clean eraser. However, you might consider picking magic erasers made by other manufacturers on the market. Whichever brand of magic eraser you choose to clean your reglazed tub will give you the same effect as any other magic eraser on the market. However, some of them have some side-attraction, like the Mr. Clean magic erasers, which boast a Febreze Meadows and Rain scent.

Step 2: Rinse the tub 

After you must have settled on the proper magic eraser to use, it is advised that you rinse your tub with water. This gets rid of dust, debris, and residue that may be on the surface. You do not want them to come in contact with the magic eraser when you scrub because they may harm your tub. 

Step 3: Wet the magic eraser 

The magic eraser cannot function well if you do not add water to it. Therefore, wet your magic eraser under the tap. Then you want to squeeze out the water from it. 

Step 4: Apply the cleaning agent 

Spray your dish soap or other gentle cleaning detergents around the affected place and leave for a few minutes. Five minutes is the recommended timeframe so the stains can be soaked and easily come off when you clean. The Spruce says that leaving the cleaning agent for five minutes allows it to disinfect where you have used a disinfectant cleaner. 

Kindly note that if you use the Mr. Clean magic cleaner, you may not have to apply a cleaning agent because they have a foamy soap agent, which naturally bubbles when water is added to them and squeezed two to three times. 

Step 5: Scrub the surface 

Scrub with the magic eraser gently and watch as the magic happens to erase all the stains on your tub. 

Step 6: Rinse with water

You want to rinse your tub after scrubbing. If you do not rinse with water after washing with a magic eraser, the tub can become slippery from the cleaning agent. In addition, leaving the cleaning agent to dry on the surface can damage your tub. Hence, you should always rinse your tub after washing it with a magic eraser. 

Step 7: Dry with a clean, soft towel 

Dry out your tub with a soft towel to get all water dry from it. And see how shiny your reglazed tub looks. Great effect! 

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  • Avoid storing your shampoo and soap cans amongst other bathroom utensils in the tub. Keeping them on a shelf or a hanging shower caddy is better. 
  • Prevent your babies from using toys that can damage or scratch the bathtub’s surface. 
  • Avoid putting boiling pans on the surface of your tub. 
  • Avoid cutting or scraping the tub’s surface, as it can damage it. 
  • If your bathtub feels like sandpaper, this is a sign it needs a thorough cleaning because debris or residues might be trapped on the surface. 
  • Using force to scrub your tub might cause it to peel. Hence, avoid hard scrubbing. 
  • Ensure you clean your tub regularly. A weekly or more frequent cleaning period is recommended. You will have less residue to deal with if you clean regularly. And it would prevent soap scum from forming. In addition, you will only have to scrub gently at this point since the stains are not permanent or hard to clean. 

Can you use magic eraser on reglazed tub: FAQ

How to clean a tub that has been painted?

The painted tub is very venerable to peeling and chipping. You can clean it using a soft sponge and dish soap soaked in a gallon of water every week. Avoid heavy or hard scrubbing. You want to clean the tub, not scrap the paint off. Thus, you should gently run the soft sponge across your painted tub. 

Will the magic eraser damage the bathtub? 

Not necessarily a straightforward yes. Magic eraser does not damage the bathtub if you use it, as explained above in the article. A magic eraser should be used as gently as possible. A hard scrub using a magic eraser will peel and chip your tub. It is advised that you use a magic eraser gently on the surface of your tub. It is not how hard you scrub that cleans; the active cleaning agent in the magic cleaner matters. 

Can I use Mr Clean’s magic eraser on my bathtub? 

The magic eraser manufactured by Mr. Clean is one of the renowned magic erasers on the market. Yes, you can use Mr. Clean’s magic eraser on your bathtub. 

Can you use a magic eraser on the plastic tub? 

Yes, you can use a magic eraser on the plastic tub. However, you must scrub easily and gently to get the required result. That is also necessary to prevent your plastic tub from chipping or from having a scratch. 


In summary, can you use a magic eraser on the reglazed tub? Yes, you can use a magic eraser on a reglazed tub. However, knowing how to use the magic eraser is vital to get the desired effect on your reglazed tub. This article has discussed all the nitty-gritty of how to use a magic eraser, what it is, and the things to avoid when you decide to clean your reglazed tub. Also, a step-by-step guide was briefly enumerated using a magic eraser, with some helpful expert tips. Following all the information in this piece will give your reglazed tub the shiny and clean effect you want. Furthermore, you have learned the vital Dos and Don’ts that keeps a reglazed tub lifespan long.  



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