flagstone walkway with pea gravel

Flagstone Walkway With Pea Gravel : Info Guide You Must Read

A landscape is something that creates both “emotional and psychological” effects (Jim Hodges). However, choosing the best materials for landscape or hardscape is essential. You can create a walkway with flagstones and pea gravel. The term ‘flagstone’ refers to sedimentary rock used for paving and landscaping. An easy-to-build flagstone walkway adds beauty to the outdoor space. Moreover, it provides a path to your shed, garage, garden, and other surroundings of your house. Flagstones are of different types ranging from limestone to bluestone and granite. However, building a flagstone walkway with pea gravel is another excellent choice. Pea gravels or pea shingles comprise round-edged small stones.

They are formed naturally near water bodies. The erosion of river rocks with water results in the formation of pea-sized gravels. The size of pea gravel is about 6 to 10 mm. They are also found in various shapes and colors, including neutral and vibrant ones.

What is Pea Gravel Used For?

Pea gravel is an attractive hardscape material used for different purposes.


Different visual elements, including pea gravels, make your landscape attractive. These gravels create a consistent look and blend perfectly with other stone features (such as water fountains and statues). They can drain water and prevent the formation of puddles in your garden. Hire Oklahoma Flagstone Patio specialists for your project.

Paths and driveways

To create a garden path and driveway, you can use pea gravel. These gravels contrast perfectly with grass. Use bricks or solid rocks to border the driveway. You can choose a contemporary backyard gravel landscaping solution.

Using pea gravel as mulching materials

Mulching is a process of placing materials on the soil surface. It ensures better conservation of soil moisture and prevention of weed growth. You can use pea gravels to mulch different plants and retain the soil’s richness. Pea gravels also help you keep the moisture and heat in the soil.

Swimming pool decks

Pea gravels can be a perfect choice for creating paved zones and pool decks. They reduce the harshness of the concrete surface. Moreover, you will find a tropical vibe in your pool environment. Choose pea gravels of varying shades to improve the pool design without a big investment.


A gravel project does not always mean a big undertaking. You may make your aquarium more stunning by adding pea gravel. As pea gravels are available in different colors, you can find the right one for your aquarium.


A lovely fountain is one of the common features of a garden. Instead of using plain concrete for the fountain floor, you can choose pea gravel. These gravels feel more natural and organic than concrete.

How to install a flagstone walkway with pea gravel 

A flagstone walkway with pea gravel creates an aesthetic outdoor space. If you like to handle the landscaping project on your own, we have provided you with a guide. You will learn how to install walkways with flagstones and pea gravel. Flagstone walkway with pea gravel: Tools needed for the pea gravel walkway installation project

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Hand tamper
  • Scissors
  • Flagstones
  • Pea gravels
  • A wide broom
  • Spray paint for temporary marking
  • Vinyl garden border 
  • All-purpose sand
  • Weed block using stakes

Steps for installing your flagstone walkway. Check the steps for creating a flagstone path with gravel.

Step 1: Excavate the outdoor site

Rake the particular area. If there are debris, rocks, and old landscaping materials, you can remove them. Create a level ground by removing big roots and stumps. Measure how many square feet you like to cover with flagstones.

Step 2: Mark your pathway

If you have created a proper plan for the pathway, you can start marking with marking paint.

Step 3: Make a border

As a preparatory step, you have to trench out around 2 inches with a shovel along the exterior edge. Use border stakes and a hammer to keep your vinyl border secure. This border also maintains the finished pathway and prevents washouts on rainy days. Create a string line for paving.

Step 4: Install weed blocks

Use weed block materials and roll them out over the path. Stake the loose edges and remove the excess parts with a pair of scissors.

Step 5: Apply sand

As you have already applied the weed prevention materials, you can apply sand all over the place. Ensure that the mid part of your pathway is slightly higher compared to that of the sides. It will facilitate smooth drainage. By tamping down the sand, you can make compaction. 

Step 6: Place flagstones

Choose your own pattern while installing flagstones. The gap between flagstones should be at least 1 to 3 inches. Start with bigger stones and ensure that they have been embedded into the sandy surface. They should not move while stepping on them. Use a hammer for breaking up larger stones and filling the gaps. 

Step 7: Add pea gravel

Flagstones are now firmly in their place. So, you can start spreading pea gravel to place them in the gaps. Use a broom to make this task easier. It creates a good texture and promotes water absorption. Moreover, it secures the stones for a more extended period.

How to landscape with pea gravel in your yard

We have shared some pea gravel patio and landscape ideas with you.

  • You can create your patio with mixed materials. It means you can combine larger and smaller decorative stones. It is the best way to create a classic design for your landscape. You may also use stepping stones and pea gravel for your path.
  • Create a border for your pea gravel patio and improve the outdoor beauty.
  • A pea gravel epoxy patio can be a better option if you like to install outdoor chairs and other furniture pieces.
  • A fire pit area can be an add-on or a centerpiece for the patio. 

Flagstone walkway with pea gravel: Tips

  • Never spread your pea gravel directly on the soil- Placing the gravel on top of the soil is a big mistake. You should avoid this mistake even if you have chosen these pea gravels for mulching. Install a landscaping fabric before placing the gravel. It prevents the growth of weeds and the consequent cracks.
  • Create a border- Pea gravels are loose materials used for filling purposes. Some homeowners choose these gravels instead of cement. But you should also use edging materials that keep gravel from spreading outside.
  • Focus on depth- You should maintain a depth while installing pea gravels for landscaping. Shallow pea gravels displace easily and create a mess. They may also cause a safety hazard.

Flagstone walkway with pea gravel: FAQ

Can I put pea gravel between flagstones?

Yes. Pea gravels can be used between flagstones to prevent weed growth and create a comfortable surface for your walkway. The textural contrast also adds a level of beauty to the surface.

Should I tamp pea gravel?

You can use a roller or a tamper to pack your pea gravels down after installing them. It ensures that your gravel will be in its place and develop a smooth texture.

Does pea gravel need to be compacted?

Pea gravels have rounded single-sized particles (like washed river stones). It is not easy to compact these fill materials. But, some pea gravels are angular and durable. It means that they can endure compaction and perform well in any environment.

How do I keep my gravel from moving?

There are different ways to keep your pea gravels stabilized. You may use cement for this purpose, but it will give you only a temporary solution. Water exposure and traffic may damage the condition. Another option for you is the permeable pavers for walkways. Use these pavers to retain the position of your pea gravels. There is no need to use binding agents while placing flagstone with pebbles.


You can now follow the steps for installing a flagstone and pea gravel patio. You may hire professionals to build a flagstone walkway with pea gravel if you lack tools. The durable flagstone blends perfectly with any outdoor setting and decor. Perfectly designed flagstone patios create a warm and welcoming feeling. You can entice your guests with a flagstone walkway. It is also possible to use stone for walkways.

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