How Far to Plant Green Giant Arborvitae from the Fence

How Far to Plant Green Giant Arborvitae from the Fence: Expert’s Tips

The question we will tackle in this article is how far to plant Green Giant arborvitae from the fence. Several things should be considered, whether we are planting giant green arborvitae for privacy or beauty. Similarly, there will be different methods for each purpose.

Green Giant arborvitae is a significant, needled, evergreen, conifer tree growing by as much as 3 feet per year. It is a North American evergreen reaching 40-60 feet till maturity. The plant is equally popular among homeowners, commercial property builders, and gardeners due to its aesthetic value and privacy. It has dense foliage that provides shelter from the wind providing privacy and protection. Furthermore, its evergreen, conical shape adds to its aesthetic worth.

How far to plant green giant arborvitae from the fence

There is no hard-to-fast rule of spacing if you are planting your Green Giant privately for beauty. Remember, these trees may become as much as 12-62 feet wide. But, such a long width may affect the aesthetics of the tree. Spacing methods depend on your choice of how much width and length the tree is desired for you!

Before choosing a spacing method, always ask yourself the following:

  • Whether you are planting your tree for beauty or privacy. You can plant it for both purposes, but you should be clear-minded.
  • Do you prefer tall trees or short trees? Ask yourself. The length of your trees depends upon your choice of purpose, that is to say, whether it is for beauty or privacy!
  • What width is desired for you?
  • How much time can you invest? The timeframe is as essential as your purpose for planting. It determines the Green Giant arborvitae spacing.

After keeping these things in mind, let us now discuss the exact methods of spacing for green giant arborvitae:

Spacing for a single row

If you are aiming for a single row of Green Giant arborvitae, 5-6 feet is the ideal spacing length. Planting your trees at a shorter distance, says 3 feet, will increase the thuja green giant growth rate, ultimately resulting in tall thinner plants having small widths. Similarly, if you choose a greater distance for thuja green giant spacing, the plants will grow more in width, occupying more available space and resulting in short vertical growth. The ideal for a single row of green giant arborvitae hedge is 5-6 feet.

Spacing for staggered rows

The ideal distance is 6-8 feet if you want to form staggered rows of arborvitae. Plant these trees in such a fashion creates an almost immediate privacy barrier for your fence line.

Spacing for specimen trees

For specimen trees, there is no fixed method of planting.

Here, my friends, you can choose the spacing of the Thuja Golden Globe according to your taste and needs. While choosing a method of your own choice, consider the points mentioned above:

  • The purpose of planting
  • The ideal length of the trees
  • The desired width of the trees

The available time frame

How to plant thuja green giant for privacy

Time consideration is essential to growing the thuja green giant for privacy. Usually, these trees are planted in fall and spring. But a Cold, snowy month is not advisable. Similarly, planting green giants in summer is not advisable as well. The ideal months for the plantation of these tried are August, September, and October, respectively. Plant your trees in these months for optimal growth. Before planting a tree, consider the condition of the available soil. For compact soils, tilling is preferable before digging the individual hole for planting. For thriving plantation of Green Giant abbreviate follow these steps:

Step 1: Dig a hole for rows of arborvitae

First of all, dig a hole at a suitable location. For this purpose choose a safe location. Consider light intensity, available nutrients, water quality, and other conditions.

Step 2: Place the green giant thuja arborvitae in the hole

After digging the hole, put the plant in it. Adjust the plant in a proper way. Refill the hole. For this purpose, you can use the same sand you have taken out from the ground in the first place.

Step 3: Avoid bubble formation in newly green American arborvitae

Wait for the water to drain and finish filling the hole by readjusting the depth. To ensure no air pockets around the plant root, gently tamp the soil’s surface around the root ball with your hands. Avoiding water bubble formation is necessary!

Congratulations, my friends! Gladly, you have planted a Green Giant abbreviate tree successfully! Hurray!

How far to plant green giant abbreviate for privacy?

It is always critical to ensure that there is just enough room between every two plants in your garden. Why?

  • Ensuring the necessary spacing will eliminate the chances of competition for sunlight or other resources among your plants.
  • It helps in the conservation of your soil water.
  • Help you manage the available space more suitably.

If you are looking for a rule of thumb, then here it is, “Space your plant at a distance of 8-10 feet horizontally around a 4-6 feet space between the two immediate rows.” Remember, shorter hedges 8-10 feet tall should be spaced 5-6 feet apart. If you are planting near a fence, it is advisable to plant at a distance of 10-15 feet. Because of its sheerness, it is not preferable to plant your Giant Green arborvitae near your buildings and fence. For a rule, Thuja Green Giants varieties other than vigorous trees, smaller and shorter ones, can be spaced closer together, keeping green giant arborvitae small. While in the case of vigorous varieties, closer plantation should be avoided.


  • Always plant your trees where they can get plenty of sunlight.
  • While planting green giants in summer feet between trees should be calculated.
  • Provide your trees with essential feed. Add fertilizers and amendments.
  • Follow a strict regular water schedule. Watering is mandatory for the essential growth of your plants.
  • Set your trees up for optimal growth by choosing a suitable medium.
  • Look after the hedges.
  • Prune and shape the hedges regularly.
  • Determine your purpose for the plantation, whether it is beauty or privacy.
  • Choose the type of plant according to your needs and purposes.
  • Choose to space accordingly. Remember, more spacing will increase the horizontal growth of the plant, and less spacing will increase the plant’s vertical growth.
  • Treat your newly grown plants as your children.
  • Visit a landscaping expert for personal queries.


How long does a green giant abbreviate take to establish?

On average, 5-6 years are needed to establish the desired length and width of the Green Giant abbreviate screen. If your plants are 5-6 feet tall in the beginning, they will attain a height of 15 feet in 5-6 years. Usually, the Green Giant arborvitae has a growth rate of approximately 3-5 feet per year for upto 30 years.

How wide does green giant abbreviate get?

On average, if a Green Giant abbreviate has a life span of 40-60 years, it will be more likely to reach 40-60 feet in length and 12-18 feet in width.

How can I speed up my abbreviate growth?

You can speed up your arborvitae growth by providing essential nutrients, sunlight, fertilizers, and amendments. Regular watering and pruning will also increase the pace of your hedge growth. Furthermore, you can use Miracle Grow to boost your hedge growth.

How much space does green giant arborvitae need?

Green Giant arborvitae has no strict needs. It is a flexible plant. It all depends on your purpose. If you are growing a hedge for beauty, providing a great space, it will expand in width. Similarly, you grow your hedge for privacy, providing a small space. In that case, it will adjust itself in the small available space, ultimately increasing vertical growth that is, attaining more height.

Can I use the miracle grow on green giant abbreviate?     

Yes, you can! Adding fertilizers and amendments is generally not advisable for Green Giant arborvitae. But Miracle Grow is allowed! According to the University of Illinois, you can use Miracle Grow on Green Giant arborvitae. It will help your hedge to reach its full potential.


In this article, we have tried to tackle the question, How far to plant Green Giant arborvitae from the fence? We have discussed it in detail by introducing the exact query in the introduction, considering the methods of spacing the Giant Green arborvitae and planting mechanism. At last, we have discussed how much spacing is required to plant Green Giant arborvitae for privacy.

In addition, I have shared with you some proven practical golden tips for growing a Giant Green arborvitae hedge. If you have any queries, feel free to reach us in the comment box. We are here to answer your all queries! Stay tuned for upcoming updates!



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