How much do granite overlay countertops cost?

How Much Do Granite Overlay Countertops Cost – An Info Article

Changing your old worn-out kitchen countertop might be on your mind, but you have a split choice between buying a new countertop or just repairing your old countertop. The decision will be based on the cost of taking either of the two steps. That is, the choice to change the countertop. According to FAQ-ALL, granite countertop overlay cost between $40 and $60 for slabs per square foot. Between $5 and $15 for tile and also between $25 and $40 for modular. In the market, granite or quartz countertop overlays are available to cover your existing counters. Both countertop overlays are a good choice for homeowners who want to change their countertops. If you decide to settle for the granite countertop, you might want to know how much do granite overlay countertops cost.

And that is what this article set out to address. Grab your popcorn as we delve into the details of the kitchen counter overlay.

The next question is, what is a granite overlay countertop?

What is a granite overlay countertop?

A granite overlay countertop is a man-made material that consists of crushed granite, quartz, and other stone pieces bonded together with resin.   It is quite different from solid granite which is not as thick as man-made granite. Also, it is made in such a way (L shape) that it can easily adhere to the top of existing countertops.   In terms of thickness, it is ¼ thick whereas solid granite is 1 ¼ thick. Being less thick than solid granite, they do not require the removal of the existing countertops. Granite Import says that granite overlay countertops provide durability, beautification of space, and strength. And it is renowned to be a sort of good investment for homeowners.  

One of the reservations of customers who have used the granite overlay countertops is the flat design that makes it look cheap. Another is the thinness which makes it chip and pit.   Other related problems are the dullness and fading it undergoes when the heat of cooking is too much for it to bear, especially a direct contact heat from the cooking area.   More issues relate to the glue used in installing it. It is noted that the glue often breakdown overtime which causes it to have jagged seams and areas of bubbling.   Furthermore, it has been reported that its appearance close to under-mounted sinks is an eyesore. Some users have reviewed that there is water leakage often between the countertop and overly, which is very costly to repair.  

In choosing the right granite overlay countertops you can decide to go for the low-budget solid granite or go all out to splash the cash on exquisite granite countertops, where you get to enjoy high-quality granite.

How much do granite overlay countertops cost?

Now, to answer the question of how much do granite overlay countertops cost, we will base our cost on a per square foot calculation. For slabs, a granite overlay countertop will cost between $40 and $60. Whereas for a modular, the cost is between $25 and $40, and tiles are $5 and $15. Based on estimation, most kitchens have a countertop of 40 sq. ft. in total size area. And it will cost an average of $3,500 to $4,000 to change its granite overlay countertop. Kindly note that this price fashions in the cost of labor and every material.

Put it at the back of your mind that the material you choose will determine the cost of installing your countertops. For instance, steel countertops, granite, quartz countertop overlay, marble soapstone, and concrete are high-end countertops. Thus, they are expensive.  Additionally, the prices of each countertop will vary depending on the grade and quality of the material you choose. As stated earlier, granite and marble which are natural stone made, are very pricey.  Whereas high-end granite countertops are $180 per square foot, low-end granite countertops per square foot cost as low as $45.

Table 1

Table showing the cost to install Granite overlay countertops.

Low-End Granite Countertops Average Granite Countertops High-End Granite Countertops
Table 2

The table below will list the average cost of different materials of available countertops which include granite, per square foot for your decision-making.

Material Cost per square foot
Granite$70 – $180
Quartz$60 – $165
Marble$110 – $250
Concrete$70 – $140
Synthetic Solid Surfaces (Corian)$55 – $90
Laminate$20 – $55
Tile$20 – $75

Benefits of granite countertops 


They are known for their affordability. The cost is in the range of $70 to $180 per square foot, excluding installation costs. However, there is variation in the price depending on how thick the slab is. Thicker slabs cost more to install than the less thick ones. 

Resistant to heat 

Since granite is formed naturally by heat and pressure, it can resist heat. Those who have used it reported that the surface of your granite countertops is suitable for putting a hot pot or pan, and you can rest assured that it will not scorch.

They resist chips and scratch

Granite countertops are durable, and they can resist chips and scratches from every careful use. However, you have to be purposeful when you use your granite countertops. To maintain the surface, you are advised not to dice, chop or slice foods on it, as knives can cause damage to granite. Use a cutting board for that purpose.


If you worry about your countertop looking the same way as other people, you should trade in on granite overlay countertops. They are renowned for having each piece as unique as possible. You have to choose from arrays of granite countertops depending on your kitchen and you’re chosen. For all-natural surface granite countertops, you can phone or visit American Marble & Granite.


Another benefit of granite countertops is the value they add to your home. The increase in the monetary value of your home and the aesthetic it gives your kitchen will be appealing to prospective buyers if you are looking to sell your home in the future. Stonework says buyers will be willing to pay more if they discover that a home has features like granite countertops.

Easy to clean and stain resistant

Granite countertops are very easy to clean. Also, they are resistant to dirt and bacteria. But it requires an effort from you. You must clean every liquid spill and food as soon as you finish cooking with water and mild detergent. Use a plastic scraper to scrape dry spills that had stayed long on it. Furthermore, you can ask an expert on the sealant you should apply annually to protect your granite countertops.

How much do granite overlay countertops cost: Tips 

  • Always adhere to the granite countertop clean and care practice.
  • Avoid using vinegar, ammonia, and lime as cleaning agents.
  • Wipe food and water spill immediately.
  • Never sit on your granite countertops no matter what you want to do.
  • Avoid storing liquid bottles or toiletries on your granite countertops.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can you put granite over a countertop?

Yes, you can put granite over a countertop. However, doing so would depend on the type of granite overlays you are going to use. Solid granite, they ate usually 1 ½ thick and they would require you to remove your old countertops, compared to granite overlays that are man-made which consist of crushed granite, stone particles, and quartz bonded together with resin. They are well shaped in L and the thick size is ¼. They do not require that you remove existing countertops.

Will countertops add value to your kitchen?  

Countertops are bound to add value to your kitchen if they are from the right material. Granite and quartz overlay countertops are the most used. Though the quartz overlay is reputed to be more durable, granite adds more value to your kitchen than a quartz overlay. 

Can you add a new countertop to the old cabinet?  

If you are looking to cut costs as a result of a low budget, you can add a new countertop to old cabinets. It is not expensive and it is very practical. In fact, it gives your kitchen the deserved beauty. 

How to estimate countertop cost?  

To estimate countertop costs, you’ll need to put several factors into consideration. First, you’ll have to measure the size of the countertop. Then the material you want to use is next. The color and edge profile of the countertop is also put into the estimate. Finally, the cost of removing the old countertop and the magnitude of the project is very important in your countertop estimation. 


Knowing the best countertop for your kitchen is the first step to planning the change you want. This write-up has addressed how much do granite overlay countertops cost. It explained the benefits of having a granite countertop in your home and the value it brings when you look to sell your house in the future. A detailed table was given about incidental costs attached to replacing your countertop. You are advised to follow all the tips in this piece to give your granite countertop a good lifespan. Whenever you are in doubt, always consult an expert. Good luck! 



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