How much does it cost to move a staircase?

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Staircase: Costing Detail Guide

Have you decided to move a staircase in your home and want to know the intricacies involved: How much does it cost to move a staircase? To be candid, moving a staircase is a big project. Big project in terms of the scope of work and the cost; on a lighter note, moving a staircase is expensive. In this article, you’ll understand how much it costs to move a staircase. Read along as we dissect all the points!  The staircase is the spine of any house. They help to bridge the gap between rooms and homes within a storied building. Also, they are the first point of contact visitors will see at the entryway.  There are varied designs of staircases, and a discussion on them is brief below.  

Types of staircases  

There are numerous staircases, and choosing the best for your home is a daunting task. Some staircases are space-efficient, while others can take up the whole space in your home. And knowing the right staircase fit for your home is necessary to determine which staircase to choose. Here are the different types of staircases:

Straight staircase

A straight staircase is one of the simplest types of staircases available, if not the simplest. And it comes in two kinds, the Straight and the straight with landing. They are one of the easiest staircases to ascend and descend on. Their simplicity makes them bland. Also, it is not as appealing in design. 

Quarter-turn staircase

The quarter-turn staircase only turns 90 degrees rather than at a quarter-turn. It is an L-shaped design. It is used widely in homes with a foyer layout where the door is fitted into the wall sufficiently to create space for the stairs. The Quarter-turn staircase offers more design than the straight staircase.

Half-turn staircase

This type of staircase takes up half of the blueprint. It turns halfway to 180 degrees. There is a space between the upper and the lower part of the staircase. Also, they are continuous staircases. Visit Home Stratosphere for the best design idea for the half-turn staircase.

Three-quarter turn

if you have a bit of space for adding a staircase to a house, then the three-quarter turn staircase should be considered. It offers an elaborate design with multiple landings. Home Stratosphere says it is suitable in a home with an above-average ceiling fan.

Other types of staircase designs

Circular staircase

Good for taller ceilings and known for their grand look, the circular staircase is more common in most homes nowadays than they were about 50 years ago. This is because computer software designs offer more bespoke designs for fanciful and complex curved staircases.

Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase is known for the difficulty it poses when you are ascending or descending it. However, it is space-saving and reputed to look great in homes. It is a staircase design often attached to a center pole made of metal or wood.


You must have been expecting our first luxury staircase on the list of types of stairs. We present the bifurcated staircase for its space consumption and a grand entrance for visitors. This type of staircase can be straight or curved, depending on your choice. The only downside to this staircase is that it will not look as glamorous in a small space. Hence you are advised to consider it only if you have a large foyer.

Winding (Curved)

The curved staircase is perfect with a curved wall. You should know that the winding design is grand and one of the most complex designs.


known also as the 180-degree turn staircase design. It is a renowned design due to its space-saving and doubling up. What else do you need to know? Okay! Technically, it is one of the simplest styles to build when placed against winding or bifurcated designs. However, despite its popularity, it is not as grand as you would expect in some other staircase designs. In addition, it does not offer a view of the lower area as you descend compared to the bifurcated staircase.

How much does it cost to move a staircase?

There is not much difference in the cost to remove the staircase wall and the staircase itself. Under this heading, you will know all the costs of moving the different staircases. To your knowledge, a metal staircase cost between $10,000 to $50,000.

Let us get down to how much does it cost to move a staircase? The cost of moving your staircase will depend on several factors as;

  • Whether you are using the old staircase in the new position
  • The cost of paying the local building authority for inspection to be sure you have complied with the guidelines for building standards
  • The incidental cost that arises from not having easy access if the new staircase is different from the old staircase is another factor that will affect the cost of moving a staircase.
  • Large and complex staircase designs will cost you more money than simple designs.
  • The cost of add-ons you want to include such as handrails, turned posts, caps, and spindles, will also drive up the cost of moving the staircase.

Table of cost

Cost of moving staircaseVAT Inclusive cost (Low and high range)Average Cost
Moving a staircase$2,417 – $4,776$3,596
Removing old staircase (cost of labor)$235 – $471$353
New staircase cost$294 – $5,719$2,771
Cost of installing a new staircase$353 – $589$471
Carpentry$235 – $353$294
Cost of Handrail$117 – $235$176
Hiring an access platform$45 per week.

The table above according to Checkatrade is based on an average cost. And it has not taken other extraneous costs into consideration. Therefore, the price might rise when you add other things needed to move your staircase.

Straight staircase

The straight staircase is very simple and should cost you less. On average, It should cost between $800 to $1,000 to move a Straight staircase.

Quarter-turn staircase

A go-to choice for homeowners who need more privacy, the quarter is the next affordable staircase. It costs between $1,000 and $1,700 to move a quarter-turn staircase.

Half-turn staircase

The half-turn staircase is remarkable for its structural design. The cost to move a half-turn staircase is $1,500 and $2,000.

Winding staircases

For a winding staircase, the average cost of moving it is between $1,800 to $2,500. Winding staircases cost as much as the aesthetical designs.

Spiral staircases

The spiral staircase is the starting point for the most expensive staircases that cost more to move. They are on offer between $3,000 and $4,000. Kindly note that every other type of staircase not mentioned under this heading costs way above the cost of a spiral staircase. In addition, the amount stated herein does not include the cost of other accessories that may go into your staircase choice. For instance, replacing a staircase railing is not fashioned into these costs. Therefore, a more robust budget might be on the horizon.

Advantaged and disadvantages of moving a staircase


  • According to BradFabs, they help to create a visual enchantment.
  • They are efficient in limiting sound transmission when housed within a wall.
  • They provide space in the room.


  • It costs a lot of money to move a staircase.
  • More time is required to move a staircase.
  • It demands a lot of effort.
  • If not handled properly by a professional contractor, it can pose a disastrous tendency.
  • You have to detach the stairs to move it.
  • Also, you have to create space in your home.

How much does it cost to move a staircase: Tips

  • Remove the staircase you want to move or replace.
  • Prepare the area your new stairs will fit.
  • Insert the old or new set of the staircase in the desired position.
  • Check and handle all the gaps accordingly.
  • Ensure that all your measurement is perfect.
  • Follow instructions thoroughly.
  • Finally, consult a professional contractor when you cannot undertake the project yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to move a staircase?

Yes, it is good to move a staircase. However, the moving of a staircase must be well done. When the staircase renovation is perfect, it can create more living room space. Also, you get to have the flow of extra light into your room. Furthermore, moving a staircase cost will determine how aesthetically beautiful your home will look.

How much does it cost to move the basement stairs?

If you use a contractor to move basement stairs, the average cost will be around $700 and less than $2,000. Kindly note that it will take 12 hours for two contractors to move your basement stairs to a different location in your basement.

Will you move your staircase or not?

Yes, we will move a staircase if we desire to remodel or if we are looking to give our home a new touch. You may want to factor in the cost and planning with a contractor. However, we advise you to move your staircase if you desire.


When you plan to move your staircase, thorough planning is required. This article has answered the question: How much does it cost to move a staircase? It highlighted the types of staircase designs available. A discussion of cost analysis to move the particular staircase design was given. With a clear focus that moving a staircase is a demanding task, the Pros and Cons of moving a staircase are enumerated. Follow the tips given in this piece. And when you are in doubt, contact a professional contractor. They know more about this job and would offer their expertise as detailed as possible for you to understand.


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