how to change light bulb in hunter ceiling fan

How to Change Light Bulb in Hunter Ceiling Fan | Unseen Methods

Changing a light bulb in a hunter ceiling fan can be quite frustrating, as it is an arduous task. This is especially so because of the height that the hunter ceiling fan is located. It is often unreachable and you will have to use a stool or a ladder as the case may be. Using these in some cases does not make changing your light bulb very easy. However, it ensures that you can still change the light bulb in the ceiling fan with a dome. This article is written to give you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to change light bulb in a hunter ceiling fan. Sit back and learn the easiest methods.

How to change light bulb in hunter ceiling fan

Read more below on how to change light bulb in hunter ceiling fan.

Step 1: Turn off the power switch

Always practice safety first in all you do. To change a light bulb in the hunter ceiling fan, you are advised to turn off the electricity. You might want to turn off the circuit breaker to the fan and the light bulb. This will minimize the risk of electrocution or any hazard.

Step 2: Place a stool that gives you leverage on the Hunter ceiling fan

If you are not the very tall type, definitely you will need a height access platform to reach your hunter fan. Though being tall does not rule you out of this preparation, because on a light note, all ceiling fans are generally at the height that even the tallest of humans should not have access to, for safety reasons. Place a stool directly below your hunter ceiling fan.

Step 3: Remove the ring cover

If your hunter ceiling fan has a ring cover securing the dome globe in place, Hunker recommends that you take hold of the edges of the ring cover with two fingertips. You should gently turn the cover anticlockwise to remove it from the dome globe. 

Step 4: Unscrew and remove the dome globe

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the dome globe and set it aside.

Step 5: Remove the old light bulb and replace it with a new bulb

Here is the most important part of how to change light bulb in hunter ceiling fan. Experience users on Fixya, said the way to remove the old light bulb is to unthread it from the hunter ceiling fan light kit cap. If you already have the new light bulb you want to use as a replacement close by, put it in the light bulb kit and thread it into place.

Step 6: Check that the new light bulb works

Once your new light bulb is now in place. You might want to quickly switch on the electricity to confirm that the bulbs work and everything are fine. If you have confirmed this to be the case. Switch the circuit breaker back off.

Step 7: Replace the dome globe and ring cover

This is the last step you have to take. Place the doom globe back in place and reattach the ring cover to hold the dome globe in place. You have successfully changed the light bulb in your hunter ceiling fan.

How to remove light cover from hunter ceiling fan

Have you thought of a replacement ceiling fan light cover recently and you want to know how to remove the light cover from the hunter ceiling fan? This subheading will discuss how to remove the light cover from the hunter ceiling fan using two steps. These two steps are because there are two types of hunter ceiling fan light covers. Hampton Lighting Advice believes that the best place to get hunter ceiling fan replacement parts is at HunterFan.

It is assumed you must have gotten your light cover now. So let us jump to how to remove the light cover from a hunter ceiling fan.

You can learn how to change light bulbs in tall ceilings from here.

Method 1: Light cover with 3 log nuts

Removing the light cover with three nuts and pinning the cover-up is the first method. Here, you have to hold the light cover in place. Then, unscrew one of the nuts, lefty-loosely. At this point, the light cover would be free. Remove it sideways from the other two pins. And that is all you need to do. If you want, you can remove the two nuts left attached to the hunter ceiling fan.

Method 2: Light cover with 3 clamps

The light cover under this method comes with three clamps lipped around the light cover. Two of them are fixed while the third one is the one that moves. Therefore, you might want to play around to identify the clamp that moves. 

Kindly note that the clamp that moves is spring-loaded. Hold on to the light cover and pull on the clamp that is spring-loaded to get the hook off the light cover and you have safely removed your light cover from your hunter ceiling fan.

How to change light bulb in hunter ceiling fan: Tips

  • Avoid having oily hands when you are grasping the glass cover so you can easily take hold of it and it can come off when you turn it easily.
  • Turn off the electricity to the ceiling fan.
  • Put on your safety gear. That is a face mask to protect you from dust that might have accumulated over time on the ceiling fan. Wear safety gloves and goggles.
  • When you change your ceiling fan light bulb, use the opportunity to clean your ceiling fan blades and the entire ceiling fan off dust. This is the perfect moment to get it to blow fresh air into your room again.
  • Avoid working with the ceiling fan when it is still hot. Thus, you are advised to have switched off the electricity at least 45 minutes before you begin to attempt to change your ceiling fan light bulb.
  • Get your hunter fan parts at the right stores.
  • Have a close member of your family around, just in case you might need them to hold a ceiling fan kit cap or other tools for you, so you can have your hands free to concentrate on the job.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I change the LED light on my hunter ceiling fan?

To change the LED light on your hunter fan. First, you’ll need to get in place a new LED light bulb with the same watt and dimension, if possible. Second, switch off the circuit breaker so that no electricity passes through to your ceiling fan. Get a stool you can comfortably stand on, then when you are stable on it. Remove the fan light glass cover. Then unscrew the two old LED light bulbs in the ceiling fan. Replace it with the two new LED light bulbs you purchased. Screw it back and return the ceiling fan glass cover.

How do you remove a hunter ceiling fan without screws?

You can remove a hunter ceiling fan without screws by first turning off the circuit breaker. After you are sure that the lights are off and no electricity flows to the fan, you should unscrew the blades off the ceiling fan. Though you can remove a hunter ceiling fan without screws, you are recommended to do so for easy maneuvering. Since the hunter ceiling fan has no screws, it will usually be mounted to a ring that has a hook or lock keys which you have to lock by turning clockwise. But since you want to remove the ceiling fan, turn the ring anti-clockwise till the ceiling fan comes out.

Can you change light bulb in hunter ceiling fan

Yes, you can change the light bulb in hunter ceiling fan. All you need to have handy is the new light bulb you want to change your old light bulb with.

What watt light bulb for hunter ceiling fan

The watt light bulb for the hunter ceiling fan is 9 watts. And since most hunter light bulbs come with two bulbs, that is an 18-watt light bulb for a hunter ceiling fan.


Many reasons make you want to learn how to change light bulbs in a hunter ceiling fan. This may range from a faulty bulb, or because you do not like the current bulb in the ceiling fan. In some rare cases, the light bulb might not be bright enough for your room. Whichever may be the case, this article has provided detailed step-by-step information you need to change light bulbs in a hunter ceiling fan.

You are advised to always follow instructions when you decide to change light bulbs yourself without calling a paid electrician. In addition, you must practice safety tips as instructed above. Furthermore, you should put it in the back of your mind that not all ceiling fans have light kits that are interchangeable. That is light bulbs that can be used on all ceiling fans no matter the brand or model.

Though some brands make universal light bulbs that are usable across all ceiling fans. Brands such as Hunters and Casablanca solely make light kits that are only usable in their ceiling fans. This is important for you to note so that you are not wasting money buying a replacement part for your ceiling fan that may not fit it.


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