How to change light bulbs in tall ceilings 

How to Change Light Bulbs in Tall Ceilings: 6 DIY Steps to Follow

A step-by-step guide on how to change light bulbs in tall ceilings is thoroughly explained in this article. In addition, you get to learn alternative solutions if a step appears to be a hard nut to crack for you. 

Although many people with tall ceilings have found it a daunting task to change light bulbs in tall ceilings, the methods discussed in this article will be easy to follow, with less risk, and ensure that all safety procedure is adhered to.  

  • Get on a raised platform to get in height with your tall ceiling.
  • If your light bulb has a cover, you may want to unscrew it, but be careful not to use your bare hands on the hot glass covering.
  • Push the old light bulb up and twist it anticlockwise.
  • Put the new light bulb back in the socket and turn clockwise to lock the bulb in place.
  • Cover the light bulb with the glass enclosure.
  • Step down carefully from the ladder or platform.
  • Turn on the switch to test that your new light bulb works.

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How to change light bulbs in tall ceilings 

Step 1: Make use of a ladder  

A ladder is the traditional means to use when you change light bulbs in tall ceilings. However, ensure you have someone possibly monitoring or holding the ladder for you. Also, you might need the person to hold on to one or two tools for you when you change light bulbs, or even pass you the light bulbs and take the old light bulb from you. 

Step 2: Build an access platform  

Access platforms are height aiding material that allows workers to work at various heights. It is used often in the construction industry, but it can be useful at home for changing light bulbs in tall ceilings, painting the ceilings, or even gaining access to the roof of your house.  

Step 3: Use a trestle ladder  

A trestle ladder helps change light bulbs in tall ceilings because it does not require leaning on the wall or additional human support and stability. It allows you the freedom you will not get when you use a traditional stepladder, plus you can extend your hands as you want to. 

Step 4: Use a scaffolding

For safe ascent and descent without fear of fall or damage, you should turn to a scaffold when you decide to change a high light bulb without a ladder. Though, this is not readily available. Since it is mostly used by Construction Managers. But there are a few mini scaffolds on the market that you can buy if you are looking to invest for a long time. 

Step 5: Use the highlight bulb changer 

It is a helpful tool. And it does not involve you climbing or endangering your life. It is a tool with a bulb grabber at the top and a long handle extending to its base. It has an ultra-stable shaft that allows you to turn the bulb grabber clockwise and anticlockwise to place your new bulb in the socket. 

Step 6: Climb on someone’s shoulder

You would have thought not to mention this step. However, it is a considerable option if you do not have the resources to purchase or hire a stepladder. In addition, if you cannot build an Access Platform, or get a Trestle Ladder or the Highlight bulb changer, it is readily available. Though, other than consuming less to nothing of your funds, it is considered more dangerous than using an Access Platform or a ladder, especially when the person cannot support your weight. 

What are the different types of light bulbs used in tall ceilings?

There are four different types of light bulbs used in tall ceilings. These are mainly used in a room for diverse lighting needs. That is, they are for residential purposes. Frontpoint listed them as follows;

  • Incandescent:
  • Halogen
  • Fluorescent
  • LED

Incandescent bulbs

It was the first bulb that served humanity for a while. It was relatively available and affordable. The light it radiates is a warm light color. However, because it was not energy-saving, its usage started to diminish when other light bulbs emerged. As a fact, a law was passed called the Energy Independence and Security Act in 2007 to promote greater use of light bulbs that were of greater efficiency.

Halogen bulbs

The halogen bulbs, though, had no difference from the incandescent bulbs, as they also were energy-inefficient. However, they were an improvement over incandescent because they last longer. They produce dimmable light, and they are cheap.

Fluorescent light bulbs

The era of fluorescent was renowned as a breakthrough in the residential lighting system. It brought the energy efficiency lacking in the first two light bulbs’ developmental period. It could last longer than Incandescent and Halogen by 10,000 hours. Also, it came in handy in various shapes; U-shape, a compact model that fit household fixtures, and long tubes. Thus, you can use it to replace the light on a ceiling fan.

Its disadvantage is that it does not have a dimmable effect and can be harsh on the human eyes. Mercury, the main component – harmful to humans – will be unsafe if not disposed of properly.


This light bulb takes the crown for its energy efficiency. Also, it does not possess mercury. Thus, it is environmentally friendly. They are dimmable lights and cannot harm the eyes as the three other bulbs above would do. Additionally, they are long-lasting bulbs used to replace the light on the ceiling fan. You might also want to consider it the best choice when you change a high light bulb without a ladder because they have an average lifespan of 25,000 hours, incomparable with any other light bulb on the market.

First, since changing light bulbs in tall ceilings is not an exercise that can be fun, you might want to get the following handy before embarking on the step-by-step guide on how to change light bulbs in tall ceilings. 

How to change light bulbs in tall ceilings: Tips

  • Know the light bulb size: when you know the size of the light bulb beforehand. It ensures that the light bulb replacement will fit. 
  • Turn off the light of the fixtures: Safety is quite important. You need to locate the light bulb fixture switch and turn it off before you begin changing light bulbs in a tall ceiling. These protect from any unforeseen hazard which may occur, from having direct contact with any life wire. 
  • Wear safety gloves and goggles: Ensure you wear gloves when you work on an electricity connection. Also, a safety goggle protects your eyes from debris or particles that may fall directly into your eyes. 
  • Have a family member or friend close by; You might need the assistance of someone at any point when you need to change light bulbs on high ceilings.
  • Disposal of old bulbs: After you must have changed your ceiling fan light bulbs with new ones, you should dispose of the old light bulb safely. Kindly do not dispose of a mercury-made bulb in your garbage, as it is harmful to your health. You might also consider giving it out to companies that recycle old light bulbs.
  • Clean up the area: Bright Light Hub recommends that you clean up the place where you just changed bulbs. Debris might have fallen off that could be glass or other dirt you should not step on. As soon as this is done, you are free to sit back and enjoy your new light.

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How to change light bulbs in tall ceilings: FAQ

What kind of light do you use for high ceilings? 

The best light to use for high ceilings based on efficiency is LED recessed lighting. It provides the best first layer of light needed for homes with high ceilings. The recessed light is reputed to fill the room in adequate proportion, with the lights needed and preventing dark spots from appearing anywhere in the room. Also, it is recommended that you use an led bulb for the ceiling fan for its durability.

How do you change a bulb in a high-ceiling chandelier?  

The traditional way to change a bulb in a high-ceiling chandelier is by using a ladder. However, there is a new invention in using the Highlight Bulb Changer. It features a bulb grabber that allows the safe removal of different kinds of bulbs. This tool also has an ultra-stable in-shaft drive that helps you to turn the grabber and bulb without needing to turn the pole. The highlight bulb changer can fit into all sorts of attachable pieces. It helps clean a chandelier or replace a bulb, among others. 

How do you change a recessed light bulb with a cover?  

It requires technique. You have to grab the outer edge of the cover and pull out with less force. Then, you need to pull the ends of the springs on all fours side and unhook the hooks at both ends that hook into the fixture. That way the light bulb will be available to be replaced. After which, you should replace the hook, and slide the cover back up 

How do you change a lightbulb in a high stairwell? 

In changing a lightbulb in a high stairwell, you need a ladder. Once a ladder is handy, the first step is to unscrew the old lightbulb cover. Step 2, remove the glass cover. Then in step 3, you disconnect the lightbulb from the socket. Remove and replace the old light bulb with a new bulb, and screw back the glass cover. The final step is to test the light bulb that works. 


Paying a qualified professional electrician rather than knowing how to change your light bulbs on a tall ceiling might be desirable, but if you are looking to do the change yourself, this article has detailed all steps you should follow to change light bulbs on a tall ceiling. Also, the trouble of settling for the best light bulb was resolved, by providing the different types of light bulbs used in tall ceilings. Follow each step painstakingly and employ all the safety tips to your advantage. We wish you a Happy Light Day in your home always!


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