how to get rid of fiberglass insulation smell

How to Get Rid of Fiberglass Insulation Smell | Learn With Tips

You have recently done renovation work in your home and have a fiberglass insulation smell. The smell can become unpleasant and prevent you from enjoying your recent home improvement project. You are right on time! This article will teach you all you need on how to get rid of fiberglass insulation smell. Well, without further ado, you should know that fiberglass is a kind of insulation material commonly used in homes to protect against heat, cold, and sound. That is, it is like an absorption material.

What causes the fiberglass insulation to smell

The smell caused by fiberglass insulation has been linked to inconsistencies during thermal curing. Experts at IndoorDoctor claim that when the curing of the insulation goes on for too long, it causes a persistent odor to come from the batts. And this smell that is likened to burnt sugar happens because the insulation was overbaked.

Though it is not all insulation that gives off smell, however, it is imperative to note that some manufacturers like Owens Corning are doing all it takes to remedy this defect. A delving into why the smell occurs, we discovered that the problem occurred when a less toxic material was used to replace the formaldehyde-based binder that has been used frequently in the past.

Expert says the performance of the insulation has not been altered, just the strange smell that comes from it that is the major concern. Further research revealed that the main cause of the odor is the ingredient that is used to process food and beverages, which is called maltodextrin. People have not recorded any toxicity to this ingredient but they have complained that the smell lingers than is normal. This might not be unattached to the fact that some new fiberglass has batts formulated with stronger burnt sugar.

What consumers will not cease complaining about is the fact that the smell does not undergo diffusion as easily and early as possible. A drastic step must be taken by man to aid the process. The step-by-step guide on how to get rid of fiberglass insulation smell is next below. Though you should know that inhaling fiberglass insulation particles is harmful, and those who have a great incite about it claim that fiberglass smells harmful. And it can cause serious respiratory damage if inhaled in a large quantity.

How to get rid of fiberglass insulation smell

Now that we know what fiberglass insulation is and what causes the smell, it is ripe to learn how to get rid of the fiberglass insulation smell. To get rid of fiberglass insulation smell, you can take the following approach. But kindly have in the back of your mind that these steps take time, thus it is not a very quick fix for instant results. Home Steady states that there is a way you can make the process quicker.

Step 1: Proper ventilation

Having good ventilation is the first step to getting rid of the fiberglass insulation smell. You can leave your windows and doors open. This will ensure that fresh air comes into your home. Also, it helps to take out the fiberglass insulation smell in the house. That is, to diffuse the fiberglass insulation odor. Understandably, it might take a while for the smell to dissipate, but it will over time.

Step 2: Put all ventilation fans and fans on

If you have ventilation in your kitchen and bathroom, you should put them on so they can blow any wet fiberglass insulation smell outward. Wet fiberglass insulation smell is sometimes very tough to get rid of. Therefore, having proper ventilation is good, and making sure all of the sources are working at optimum.

There might be a situation where the weather is unfavorable and becomes too hot or cold to keep the windows open. In this situation, you can set up a Standing fan to blow the smell evenly. It will ensure the smell is unconcentrated in a spot.

Step 3: Apply odor-absorbing product

Harley exteriors noted that Baking Soda can be as helpful in getting rid of fiberglass insulation smell as it is in eliminating the unpleasant smell in freezers and refrigerators. You must purchase Baking Soda if you do not have it at home already. Then once you have gotten that, you will place them in areas where the smell is concentrated. The Baking Soda will absorb the smell.

In addition, Charcoal is useful where baking soda is not available. Place the charcoals around the smell areas to help filter and absorb the smells from your home. Can you use charcoal and baking soda at the same time? No expert opinion suggests using both products will have any adverse effect. Hence, it is advisable to use them both, so long they can absorb the smell faster.

Step 4: Air purifier

Buying an air purifier is also an added advantage to purifying the air in your house and helps you to rid of the smell. Thus, you should get one if you can.

How to get rid of resin smell

If resin smell has become unbearable in your home, you can get rid of them by following the guide to be discussed in this article. Under this subheading, we will teach you how to get rid of the resin smell in your home. Kindly keep reading!

Step 1: Get a houseplant

Houseplants are trusted for getting rid of odors because of their air-purifying effects. Thus you should get a houseplant in your home and place them at the strategic points the smell emanates from.

Step 2: Use citrus peels

Citrus peels have been known for getting rid of resin smell for a while now. They will absorb resin smell if you place them where the odor is strong or around them.

Step 3: Vinegar

As you know, vinegar is used for different things. Vinegar is used for absorbing resin smell. All that is needed is to have the vinegar kept in small containers in the affected areas.

Step 4: Dehumidifier

For a low price, you can get a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in your room. In addition, a dehumidifier can get rid of the resin smell in your home.

How to get rid of fiberglass insulation smell: Tips

  • Keep your house ventilated every day. Fiberglass fumes house is not healthy for humans when the inhalation is much. Thus, you must take a purposive approach.
  • You need to open Baking Soda boxes at all the points where the smell emanates. It will help in the fast absorption of the odor.
  • Use charcoal on a wet fiberglass smell to absorb it. Spraying baking soda on a wet surface is a very effective way to get rid of the smell.
  • Always look at installing a ventilation channel in your home.

Frequently Asked Question

What does fiberglass smell like?

They smell like burnt cookies, and sometimes they can smell like burnt sugar or syrup. Though, the burnt sugar smell is characteristic of newer fiberglass insulations. In some cases, the odor has been identified closely with ammonia.

Is fiberglass insulation harmful

Except for a slight irritation that developed from coming in contact with fiberglass insulation, there has been no report of long-term health damage. Thus, fiberglass is not considered a very harmful material according to government agencies. You should wear safety gear to avoid having irritations that result from coming in contact with fiberglass insulation.

Does fiberglass Insulation off-gas

The type of ingredients in your fiberglass insulation determines if it is off-gas, Fiberglass insulation ingredients like Formaldehyde off-gas in damp and hot environments. Also, Catalysts like Amines found in foam insulation can off-gas when the foam does not harden properly, and it can continue for weeks. For more ingredients that are off-gas, you can visit the DPH for more information.

Can you get sick from fiberglass insulation?

You are unlikely to get sick from inhaling fiberglass insulation. Though, conditions such as Asthma and Bronchitis might suffer aggravation. Apart from that, you will only have red eyes or itchy skin from coming in contact with fiberglass insulation. Also, you may experience coughing or wheezing from fiberglass insulation, but they are short-lived.


In this article, we have discussed that the fiberglass insulation smell can prevent you from enjoying the home improvement project you have undertaken. And the odor can be very unpleasant. We touched on what fiberglass insulation is and how it smells. Then what causes the smell was identified. It was from that standpoint that we were able to provide a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of fiberglass insulation smell.

Following expert tips can be effective in solving the fiberglass odor problem. And it is recommended that you follow the expert tips highlighted in this piece. It is noteworthy to close this discussion that getting the odor out is possible with baking soda and charcoal. Do it in conjunction with other things mentioned above to speed up the process. The fiberglass insulation smell will disappear in your home in a jiffy!

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