How to get Roomba over threshold

How to Get Roomba Over Threshold – Simple Advice for Beginners

The Roomba threshold vacuum cleaner is a powerful tool when it comes to cleaning every corner of your home, under tables and furniture that a conventional vacuum cleaner will not get to. Plus, the fact that this cleaner is a robot, it does all its work itself once charged. This is unlike the usual vacuum cleaner that needs the assistance of humans. But there are some times that the Roomba may find it hard to go over the threshold. In this piece, we will discuss what the Roomba is, how to get roomba over threshold, and the benefits that a Roomba offers your home in terms of cleanliness. Why don’t you let us get started? Shall we?

What is a roomba

According to Robots, the Roomba is defined as a robot vacuum that can go over the threshold to clean all clutters of your floors. They operate by themselves when charged and once activated, they will go under the tables and those hideous places and corners around your home to clean them up. Once they are done cleaning, they will return to their charging dock unaided by a human.

What are the essential features of a Roomba

the Roomba features essential tools and configurations such as:

  •  The Rubber brushes that dust and clean around your home.
  • They have a suction power.
  • They feature rechargeable ware that can charge and resume cleaning immediately.
  • They come with multi-surface and multi-purpose brushes for every cleaning need.

A Roomba friendly threshold will help the Roomba to do its job easily. They can have free movement and face no obstacle as they parse through your home.

How does roomba work?

The Zebra gave us insight into how Roomba works. They operate under two rules, they can clean your room using the wall following technique, which allows them to clean the perimeters of your room. They will go under tables and around other corners of your room to clean.

On the other hand, they can clean by adopting the random bounce technique. Here, they go ahead and clean all the parts of your room, and when they hit a wall or an obstacle, they will change direction and clean another part. They use this way to clean almost all parts of your room.

How to get roomba over threshold

Roomba vacuum cleaners are the latest smart vacuum cleaner in town. Though they are smart, they do not always have the first impulse to go over the threshold.

All houses have thresholds and they are not always a problem because they must exist in houses that are built by humans, and not robots. Even humans do not often pay attention to a threshold. But attention begins to shift on it when you have acquired a vacuum cleaner like the Roomba Robot. And not all Roomba will go over the threshold without some action from you. So, let’s start to explore. how to get Roomba over the threshold

Schedule cleaning time for your roomba

Since Roomba’s transition to carpet might not be an available option for you, especially when you are not a fan of carpet, the first way to get Roomba over the threshold is to schedule a cleaning time for Roomba. Let your Roomba clean a room first, when it is done, rather than having it transition into the next room, which might not be possible because of a high threshold, you should then take it into the next room.

What is the maximum height a Roomba can go over?

To put the numbers together, Home Support says that the height maximum that a Roomba can go over is about 5/8 which is 1.6cm. Thus, any height higher than this is a no-go area from the Roomba. If you perform the test, the result you will get is that Roomba gets stuck on rug.

Create a ramp for roomba

The other way to help your Roomba get over the threshold is to create a Roomba threshold ramp that the Roomba can go over as a bridge over the threshold. Ensure that this ramp is well placed across the threshold and that the Roomba does not hit the side of the ramp. A book will not be the best bet.

There are some cheap ramps that you can go for and they would not cost you a fortune. In case you are wondering why threshold ramp? Well, they are sort of surface platforms to get the Roomba over threshold without any obstacle.

Use a Rug

Drop by my house recommend having a small rug in place on the threshold so that Roomba vacuum can go over them to either an adjoining room or navigate other parts of the same room.

Though finding a rug that will do the job might seem a serious task, it is essential so that the Roomba can go through the rug in a very easy way. It might require a trial-and-error phase to get the right rug to fit into your home so that the Roomba can go over its surface. Therefore, you are advised to exercise some patience in this regard. The end game should be the focal point for you.

Benefits of Roomba

There are numerous benefits of using the Roomba vacuum cleaner. But for brevity, few will be discussed in this article. The benefits discussed hereunder are the most important benefits of the Roomba. Let’s get cracking, shall we?

  • They have a self-recharging mechanism. Therefore, you do not have to worry to pick it up and take it to the charging dock. once they are done cleaning around your room, the Roomba will go back to the charging dock itself to recharge. And even when their battery is low, it can recharge at the dock.
  • They require little to fewer maintenance practices, and they are very cost-effective. They are made for the lowest of budgets and you do not have to worry about spending so much to maintain or even purchase the Roomba.
  • The Roomba vacuum is a smart robot, and you can control it with your remote control or even connect to your smartphone to operate it. Just at the click of a button, they will respond and get to work.
  • Proceeding from the above as a smart device, the Roomba can protect itself from damage. It can turn when it encounters an obstacle and get to clean other places immediately. It possesses a sensor for these processes.
  • They save you time because they can do your cleaning for you while you focus on other tasks.

How to get roomba over threshold: Tips

  • Always schedule time for your Roomba to help them function well.
  • Schedule per room so that they do not have to encounter the threshold obstacle higher than 1.6cm.
  • Always clean your Roomba after they have cleaned your home on each cleaning schedule.

How to get roomba over threshold: FAQ

Can Roomba navigate over my threshold between kitchen and den

Yes, your Roomba will navigate over your threshold between kitchen and den if the threshold is not higher than 1.6cm. If the threshold is higher than that number, you might need a ramp or carpet to help your Roomba go over the threshold between your kitchen and den.

Can robot vacuums go over threshold

Robot vacuums are designed to go over the threshold. But there is a limit to how much they can go over. Any threshold higher than 1.6cm is too high for many robots’ vacuums. As a smart device, they will attempt to go over it but if they cannot, they either turn around and face a different direction, or they might blare an alarm as a warning, and in most cases, just stop working at that point.

Can the roomba do multiple levels?

No. The Roomba cannot do multiple levels by themselves. They will need the assistance of humans to carry them over stairs, drop them and let them start cleaning. That is the fix to have them do multiple levels.

Do roombas go over transition strips?

Yes, Roombas will go over transition strips that are less or per 1.6cm or 5/8 inches. For any higher transition strips, the Roomba will be unable to go over it.


It is good practice to have a Roomba Vacuum around your home to ease off the stress of using the conventional Vacuum cleaner. Though we note that as smart as the Roomba is, it may still encounter an obstacle when it tries to go over the threshold. For thresholds that are higher than 1.6cm, the Roomba will be unable to go over it. But when you have like a carpet or ramp that the Roomba can easily pass over, then your Roomba will go over the threshold.

The benefits of the Roomba far outweigh its disadvantages. Thus they are good robots to have around the house. This article has given basic tips on how to get Roomba over threshold. You are advised to buy a Roomba vacuum and get going with the ways explained here to get your Roomba working effectively. See you around soon!

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