How to measure glass for aluminum window

How to Measure Glass for Aluminum Window – Tips With Guideline

Measuring glass for an aluminum window is something that can be done by yourself without needing to call in an expert to do the job. But to safely measure glass for aluminum windows, you need the right equipment to get through the process and avoid getting hurt. This article will teach you how to measure glass for the aluminum window. To effectively get your measurements right, you have to ensure you take cognizance of the “tight fit” of the glass. And there are other considerations to take into account when you measure glass for the aluminum window.

First, aluminum windows are known to contrast in some weather conditions and relax during the opposite seasons. Read along as we discuss how to measure glass for the aluminum window below.

Why do you need to measure glass for aluminum windows?

  • You need to measure the glass for aluminum window because you need to replace old or broken glass in aluminum windows. Glass is fragile and could break due to slight mistakes from anyone. In another instance, the glass might be old, and you want to replace them with a new one. But it is essential that you get the right measurements for the new glass.
  • You need to measure glass in aluminum windows so they are able to fit into the aluminum frame. If you do not get precise measurements, the cut glass might not fit into the frame. Thus, a careful approach is relevant to cut glass that fits into the aluminum window.
  • Hanson is also of the firm belief that when you cut your glass in the right measure, you could save yourself the cost of heating bills, especially where the existing windows do not fit perfectly.
  • Another reason you need to measure glass for aluminum windows is that aluminum tends to contract during cold weather and relaxes during warm weather. Thus, sufficient space must be put in place for this contingency.

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How to measure glass for aluminum window

In order to easily get the procedures on how to measure glass for aluminum windows, this subheading will break down the glass measurements for aluminum windows in a step-by-step guide. Let us get down to business.

Tools for the job
  • Pencil and jotter
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pliers
  • Safety rubber gloves
  • Goggles
  • Rubber Hammer

With all these available, the next thing is to start the process of measuring the glass for the aluminum window.

Step 1: Remove the old glass

The first step in getting the job done is to remove the old glass from the aluminum window. Be careful if the glass is broken. Hence, you are advised to wear your safety gloves. Using a plier, open the edges of the aluminum so the glass is able to be removed freely. Open all the edges of the aluminum window slightly. Once the openings are done, gently remove the old glass one after the other. Do the same for broken glasses but exercise more caution.

Step 2: Measure the Horizontal fittings

You need to measure the glass for the aluminum window on the horizontal axis to get the right fit. Do this measurement with your measuring tape at the top, middle and bottom. Alufen stressed why you need to measure the glass at the horizontal lines from the top, middle and bottom because there may be a slight difference in the sizes. Then having the biggest and the smallest width is necessary for calculating the overall width.

Step 3: Measure the vertical fittings

The next step is to measure the vertical tight fit of the glass. As done in step 2 above, measure the top, middle, and bottom of the glass to get the tallest and the smallest heights. It is necessary to cure any discrepancy and prevent the glass from limping in the aluminum window frame.

Step 4: Deduction stage

At this step, having gotten the dimensions needed above, you have to deduct about ¼ inch from the results gotten in the vertical and horizontal lines. Please deduct this from the smallest dimensions to allow room for the glass in the aluminum window frame, so that the glass is tight yet free from fracturing.

Evaluation methods for glasses used in aluminum windows

How do you choose the right glass for aluminum windows? This subheading will discuss the details of the evaluation methods for glasses used in Aluminum windows. Before we talk about choosing the right glass for aluminum windows, we will list the types of glasses that are available for you to choose from. They are:

  • Single glazing glass.
  • Double glazing glass.
  • Low-E glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Obscure glass

Now that you know the types of glasses you can use for your aluminum windows, let’s talk about how you can choose the best glass for your aluminum windows.


This is one important factor to consider when choosing your glass. You do not want your next-door neighbor seeing you or your visitors, especially for toilet or bathroom windows. Therefore, going for the obscure type of glass may be the perfect one for your aluminum window.

Safety and security glass

You do not want a situation where your glass comes shattering down due to a small impact. That is why choosing laminated glass may be the best for your aluminum windows. An accident could happen, and you want glass that can withstand little impact as possible when it occurs. This protects you from any bodily injury if the laminated class is used.

Energy-saving glass

Why should you spend so much on heating during cold weather when you can have heat-efficient glass in your aluminum windows? Going for the Low-E double glazing glass is reputed to keep heat in your room during extremely cold weather and save you the cost of spending extra on a heating system.

Temperature cooler in the summer

Yes, it is necessary to have a glass that keeps your home heated during cold seasons, but what happens during extreme heat? The tinted and Low-E glasses are renowned to absorb solar energy and prevent heat from outside from getting into your home.

U.V and fading

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause household items to start fading when the heat concentration is too much. Laminated glass combined with tinted or Low-E glasses are perfect for lessening the transmission of the sun from the window, advised UNO Windows & Blogs.


Everyone wants a restful life devoid of noise, especially when trying to observe your quiet moments, take a nap, or sleep at night. Living in an industrial area, a school, construction, houses closely knitted together, or motorway areas do not help the situation, and they are often noisy. Laminated glass is evaluated to keep noises outside your windows, and double-glazed glass is also effective in the same regard.


  • Do not attempt the work if you are unsure of the steps to follow.
  • Always wear your safety gloves and goggles when working with glass.
  • Cross-check your measurement before purchasing glass replacement for windows or cuttings to avoid the extra cost of acquiring new glass in case of miscalculation.
  • Write measurements on a jotter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace glass in an aluminum window frame?

If you are looking at replacing glass in fixed aluminum windows, you will need to remove the old glass from the window frame. After this is done, measure the size of the glass to fit in the aluminum window frame. Cut the glass and safely set in the new cut glass into the aluminum window frame.

How is the glass insert measured?

A glass insert can be measured using a glass weight calculator. Then determine the horizontal lines and vertical fit. Deduct the results by ¼ inch. The difference is the measurements that your glass insert should be.

How do you measure the diameter of window glass?

To measure the diameter of window glass, you have to measure the distance in width and the distance in length. The result is what you will work in order to get your window glass tight fit.


In this article, we’ve discussed how to measure glass for aluminum windows and all the tools you’ll need to get the process going smoothly and achieve the desired results. Without knowing why you need to measure glass for aluminum windows, it would be difficult to give the procedure the careful attention needed. Thus, we broke down the reasons why you need to measure glass for aluminum. Step-by-step instructions for measuring glass were given here. Additionally, an evaluation process for glasses used in aluminum windows was carried out, and why you need to select which glass for diverse purposes. We recommend following the expert tips given in this piece so you do not encounter any mistakes when you measure glass for aluminum windows. Wishing you a smooth process!



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