How to remove a grohe handle shower temperature control

How to remove a grohe handle shower temperature control – Information from Expert’s

A grohe shower temperature control in your bathroom senses the water temperature fluctuation and adjusts it to normal. In winter, it provides you with hot water. While in summer, it gives you colder water. Such water temperature regulation is essential for your well-being, as cold water in winter and hot water in summer is not advisable. With a stroke of luck, your grohe handle shower control may become non-functional. Consequently, you are more likely to receive cold water in December and hot water in August. In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to remove a grohe handle shower temperature control. Let’s begin!

How to remove a grohe handle shower temperature control

Grove shower handle replacement is not difficult. It is much easier than you think. No prior experience is mandatory. You have to follow the bellow mentioned model to remove grohe shower temperature control handle.

Step 1: Cut the water supply

First of all, turn off the water supply to the faucet. Cutting the water supply is essential to avoid turning your bathroom into an ocean. It is the first step towards grohe bathtub faucet handle removal. You should be aware of how to turn off the water supply to your faucet. Do it by yourself! You can consult a professional if you find it difficult to turn off the supply of your water body. But, again, I will advise you to turn off the water supply by yourself. It is just a primary thing!

Step 2: Search for the tabs

The most crucial and sensitive step is finding the tabs, which are mostly hidden. (You can take the tab as a screw of your handle). Knowing the exact location of these hidden tabs will make finding them easy. Such tabs are at the junction of the handle and the faucet body. They are often present a few inches below on the lower side of the single-handle kitchen faucet, close to the wall. You can use a torchlight or other specialized tools like a screwdriver to find these tabs. Try to find them on the lower side of the faucet. Turn the shower arm to find the tabs. There will be three tabs in total, two on the right side and one on the left side. If you become familiar with finding these tabs, the process of removing the shower handle will become as easy as breathing. 

Step 3: Pull the tabs by gripping them

Once you have found the tabs, you are almost reached! Pull the tab by gripping it with your thumb and forefinger. If you have difficulty gripping the tab with your finger, use a gripper, for example, a pair of pliers. Never be harsh on it! Apply as much force as needed. Follow the law of conservation of energy! Applying pressure in a controlled way will help you to avoid the chances of breaking. As soon as you have removed a tab, remove the other ones. It is better to remove all the tabs to ensure whether they are fired or not. 

 Step 4: Adjust the new handle

Once you have done with grohe shower handle removal, install a new one. Before installing the new handle, double-check whether your handle is oriented correctly or not. To check the correct orientation of your new handle, consider the lower side of the faucet’s body. You may look at the handle as well!

After orienting the handle, it is time to install it. Use a screwdriver to grip the tabs in your correctly oriented new shower. Tighten the tabs! Now, we have discussed all the necessary steps to install a new shower after removing the old ones. Follow these simple steps to remove your Grove handle shower temperature control. Now let us turn ourselves to replace a shower water control valve. 

How do you replace a shower water control valve?

It can be something other than your handle, which is permanently damaged. Sometimes your valve may become impaired and cause troubles like leaking. Or you may find grohe shower valve hard to turn. A shower instead of a valve needs a helping hand in such scenarios. But don’t worry; replacing a faulty valve is not much more difficult than installing a new handle! Follow these steps if your grohe shower valve would not shut off.

Step 1: Clean up the valve

Use a clean piece of cloth to clean your valve. Cleaning the valve properly will ease the process of valve removal. Furthermore, it will expose the tabs. So, clean the valve and remove the shower drain firsthand before removing the valve.

 Step 2: Shut the water off

As we have done before removing the handle of the old wave shower, the same goes here. Your first step should be to shut off the water supply to the faucet, otherwise there are chances of water leakage in the shower. Whether removing the handle or replacing the valve, always ensure your water supply is closed. It is the first thing you have to consider!

Step 3: Remove the valve clip

Now, it’s time to remove the valve clip. Use needlenose pliers to remove the valve clip. After removing the valve, check whether it is damaged or not. If it is damaged, discard it. You can keep it safe for future use if it is not damaged. 

Step 4: Use pliers to pull the valve out of the wall

After removing the valve clip carefully, pull the shower valve out of the wall. For this purpose, you can use needlenose pliers. After pulling the valve out of the wall, observe it for impairments. Check thoroughly and keenly whether it can be reused or not. If it is not damaged to a more significant extent and has minor leakage issues, you can reuse it after making specific changes. But removing the old valve with the newer one is advisable. You will need more time to change the valve again and again. So, do it satisfactorily!

Step 5: Install the new valve

After pulling the old thermostatic valve out of the wall, install the newer one. You can use the clip of the previous valve, but it is better to use the replacement valve for the shower. Put the valve in the shower wall hole. Adjust it. After orienting it, install the clip in it and do tighten it! Make sure that your new valve is installed correctly. After installing the new valve, put on the water supply and check the valve’s working. Observe it patiently. If the leakage issues are removed, congrats, you have done it successfully!

How to remove a grohe handle shower temperature control: Tips

  • Regularly observe your Grove handle shower temperature control performance. 
  • If you see any impairment in its function, fix it immediately. 
  • Note even minor changes in the function of your grove handle shower temperature control. 
  • It is advisable to use a high-quality grove handle shower. 
  • Never be harsh on your Grove handle shower; use it carefully. 
  • Ask a professional plumber for help if things get complicated with your shower systems


How do you remove the shower temperature handle?

Grohe Seabury shower handle removal is easy. First, you must cut the water supply off to avoid leakage and drainage. Afterward, you have to search for the tabs. Then, pull the tabs out by gripping them. Now, you can remove the handle from the wall easily. 

How do you install a Grove shower handle?

 Installing a new handle is not much difficult. Adjust a new handle. Orient it properly. Double-check its orientation. Reinsert the older tabs or seats with the newer ones. Tighten the shower handle, but avoid overuse of force to escape damage. Now, all set! You can now turn on the water supply to the shower and observe the handles working to see whether it is all right. If you notice any leakage issues, reinstall the handle, and repeat the same steps. If you see no problems, then you are successful at installing the new handle!

How do you remove a Grohe thermostatic cartridge?

Follow these easy steps to remove shower cartridge:

  • Release pressure and empty residual water by opening the mixture.
  • Remove the plastic cover using a gadget like a screwdriver.
  • Then, remove the screws.
  • Pull upward and dismantle the lever. 
  • After that, carry out the step of cap removal.
  • Unscrew the but and pull the cartridge towards yourself. 
  • Reinstall the body of the basin mixture.
  • Screw back the large nut.
  • Cut the water supply to the faucet.
  • Carry out the step of cap replacement
  • Tighten the screw by replacing the lever.
  • Shut on the water supply
  • Observe the mixture to see whether it is working correctly or not. 
  • If it is working, then congrats, you have done with it.

How do I fix my Grohe shower?

It is a difficult-to-answer question! For this purpose, you must figure out what’s wrong with your grohe shower. Whether its cartridge is not working or it is the handle or valve. Your half-solution lies in identifying the problem accurately. Fix the problem and follow the steps discussed above in the article according to the nature of your shower issue. 


In this article, we have shared a step-by-step guide on removing a grove handle shower temperature control. Furthermore, we have shared a detailed guide on how to replace a shower water control valve. Stay tuned for future posts!


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