How To Remove Slate Flooring off Concrete

How to Remove Slate Flooring Off Concrete | Easy Steps to Apply

If you do not like the slate in your household again, here is the time to learn how to remove slate flooring off concrete. This article to start with will give you step-by-step ways how to remove slate flooring off concrete, then proceed to provide other related alternatives and safety measures to ensure you remove slate tile from concrete in a seamless manner.

Removing the slate requires a lot of effort and carefulness. It is a very intense job that may sap your strength, but if you give it time and do the right things, you will be smiling after the process.

Slate flooring is done by using natural stones that are stronger than ceramic tiles to lay on your concrete. They are reputed to have a longer lifespan than other natural stones because of their strength, density, and formation process. Although, the process of installing the slate floor is the same as every other tiling process. However, removing slate roof tiles is a bit complicated. It is a technical job and you will in certain cases need tools to remove tile.

Stone Depot says you must take extra care to prevent damage to the subfloor. Since slate flooring is often laid on Screed. A Screed is a mixture of sand and cement used to create a level on the ground, so the slates can be laid on them. Though not all slates are laid on the screed, some are laid on the bare ground. For the slates that are laid on the screed, the removal process if absolute caution is not taken, could cause damage to the timber sub-floor.

According to Civiconcepts. a Plethora of tools are available in the market for slate flooring removal. Having the required tool can make the tile removal process very easy and fulfilling.

Investing in some of these tools might be worth it, as having them does not mean you might never need them again in the future. As a side note, if you have all the tools for slate removal, you might rent them out to make a few quid for yourself rather than having them stored up unused for a while you would not need them. 

There is a cheap slate tile removal machine on the market that you can purchase to make your slate flooring removal worth the time. These tools are listed below.

  • Floor Scraper
  • Masonry Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Sledgehammer
  • Air hammer
  • Jackhammer
  • Demolition Fork
  • Power Grout Removal Tools
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Safety Goggles
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Mask
  • Noise-canceling headphones

In order not to bore you with what each of these tools look like and how they function, you should click here in your free time to get all the needed details about tile removal tools.

Now that we know the available tools, it is time to pick the ones to need to remove slate flooring from concrete and how to use them to achieve your purpose.

How to remove slate flooring off concrete

Step 1

This step is all about your safety. We do not want you to follow this step-by-step guide and regret it when you have an unwanted injury. Thus, you are advised to put on safety gadgets such as safety goggles and a leather glove before you begin your slate flooring removal process. The reason for this is that slate removal can have a few sharp broken slates which can inflict the same pain as broken glass.

Step 2

You have to pick a spot you want to start from, but you are advised to always start at the center of your room. With the masonry chisel placed against the floor, you should hit it with a sledgehammer as hard as you can, and your slate should start breaking off.

Step 3

To get more space underneath the slate, you can use the jackhammer. But this should be used with great care as the jackhammer is a heavy tool. You only want to remove the slate flooring, not to cause damage to the foundation of your house, because any carelessness could start digging into the flooring of your room. With the requisite pressure, the slate should start separating from the floor. 

Once the space has been created underneath the slate, use a demolition fork to muscle the slate flooring off the concrete. Then your standard floor scrapper can also be handy here. Remove slate flooring after it has been set free from the bedding.

Step 4

This step is necessary. Here you have to sweep the floor and pack the removed slate flooring into a wheelbarrow or any waste bin close by. It helps you check your progress and notice the slates that are left to be removed. Your broom will be unable to sweep large chunks, therefore, your hands might be useful to pick up the bigger chunks. Do this routinely to ensure you keep in mind the slates you have removed and what is left to be removed.

Step 5

Keep the earlier process going until you have safely and permanently removed all the slate off the floor. Yes! That is how to remove slate flooring off concrete. It takes some sweating.

How to remove slate floor tiles without breaking them

Remove slate floor tiles without breaking them if possible. Though it will take your time, you are going to achieve the purpose with just three to four tools for this process. The positive side of removing slate floor tiles without breaking them is that the removed slate is reusable.

Firstly, grab your power Grout removal. This is used to cut up drywalls or the cement part of the slate. Once all edges of the cement filling have been cut off, then the next process follows.

Secondly, use a chisel to further remove tile cement by placing it directly on the targeted area and hitting the chisel with a hammer. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear up the debris or use a broom and a parker. This helps monitor your progress and get all the hidden parts cut too.

Thirdly, place the chisel gently below the tile, and hit the chisel with the hammer to dig space underneath the slate. Move around the edges until the slate is loose and can be removed freely without a fight. And keep up this process till all slate’s floor times have been removed without breaking any of them.

How to remove slate flooring off concrete: Tips 

  • Use a safety mask on your face to protect yourself from inhaling dust.
  • Ensure you remove all your furniture from the room before you begin using the tools or removing your slates to avoid collateral damage.
  • Do not rush the process. Any rush could have you injure yourself. Take it slow and easy. The goal is to remove your slate flooring, not to land yourself on the hospital bed.
  • Seal up adjoining rooms by closing the doors and windows and using sealing tapes on available openings. This will ensure dust does not go in to settle in those rooms.
  • According to Hunker, it is quite undesirable to grind slate floor tiles as it will alter the surface permanently, making it ugly and not match the rest of the slate floor tiles.
  • Kindly inform your neighbors or get a permit before commencing your slate removal process. You do not want them calling the authorities on you when they start to hear disturbing sounds or feel certain vibrations.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it difficult to remove slate flooring?

Removing slate flooring is not difficult once you have the required tools for the process and follow a step-by-step guide. It could be as easy as the knowledge you have about removing slate flooring. That is a modest answer, however, it is a labor-intensive job and takes a lot of time.

How do you replace a slate tile floor?

To replace a slate tile floor, you should use a chisel and a hammer to remove the old slate tile. After removal, clean up the grout and remove any shard of tiles left in the space. Then you want to remove the adhesive that was used to hold down the tile before. Sweep the area, and put in new adhesive. Then gently place in the new tile and clean the edges. Leave to dry and you have safely replaced your slate tile floor.

Can I sand a slate floor?

Yes, you can sand a slate floor with fine-grit sandpaper. However, to remove scratches and get the desired look, you should sand the slate floor gently.

Can you tile over existing slate tiles?

It is possible to tile over existing slate tiles but it is not recommended, as slate tiles are natural stones, and doing so makes the slate deteriorate over time which can cause a weak substrate that can crack the tiles in the long run.


Removing slate flooring is often what you need to have your home improvement come out beautiful. But before doing so, you should be prepared for all the labor, time, and patience involved in achieving the result you require for your home. How to remove slate flooring off concrete is doable by yourself once you have slate tiles removal tools as highlighted above. If you find following the step-by-step guide something too stressful for you. You are advised to hire a slate flooring removal expert. Best of luck with the choice you make, remember, safety first!



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