how to shave down a door

How to Shave Down a Door: 7 Killer Steps on Shave Down a Door

A door that would not close may happen because the door is not well flushed to close on its jamb. It can be a serious issue if your door at home does not close well, and it could give room for unwanted infestations and intrusions. In this article, you will learn how to shave down a door. First, we need to identify the problem before we can solve how to shave down a door. The issue might be that the jamb has loosened. It may also result from loose hinges. In addition, the house may have settled. More complications could result from the door not being installed improperly. Now that the problems have been identified, how do you shave down a door?

How to shave down a door

To complete this task in a step-by-step guide, you’ll need to have door shaving tools that will help with the process. These are:

  • Scribe tool or a pencil
  • Screwdriver or drill driver
  • Hand Clamp
  • A planer or Sander
  • 100-grit Sandpaper
  • Stain
  • Aerosol Lacquer

Once these tools are handy, the first thing to do is:

Step 1: Mark the door

Close the door to examine the gap and mark it with the scribe tool or your pencil. Ensure you get the markings right. Doors will often rub or stick at the top or bottom. Thus, you need to draw a line at the angle where the edge is exposed and does not close.

Step 2: Remove the door from its hinges

With a screwdriver, you need to lose the screws holding the doors to the jamb. After that, remove the hinges from the door. Once done, place the door on the sawhorses vertically and clamp it down. The side that is faulty should face up.

Step 3: Remark the area for shaving

It is expedient to mark the area you have initially marked to avoid shaving more than is required. Use the pencil to extend the line to at least 20 to 24 inches in length. Scribbling the line again helps to indicate the number of shavings you will remove from the door.

Step 4: Position the planer or sander

With the door placed down on the sawhorses, you have to set the Power planer or your Belt Sander on the edge of the door you will be removing.

Step 5: Shave down the door

With some pressure, push the Belt Sander or Planer with both hands over the door. It will shave down the bottom of the door or the top if that is where the issue is.

Step 6: Check your progress

To get the perfect result, you should keep checking the area you have marked to ensure you do not over-shave the scribbled line. If you are way off the line, repeat the process as much as possible to get the desired result.

Step 8: Fine-tune with sandpaper, stain, and lacquer

To ensure a smooth edge, use the 100-grit sandpaper to sand off rough edges from the leftover. You can stain the door and coat it with aerosol lacquer if you want to. Then you have successfully shaved down your door.

Step 7: Rehang the door

Whether you have addressed the issue will only become apparent when you hang the door back and check if the door does not rub. If it does, repeat steps 5 and 6.

How to shave down a door that sticks

Fixing a door that sticks is identical to the steps enumerated above. However, we will highlight some simple steps to shave down a door that sticks. The tools used above will be relevant under this subheading. Let’s get cracking!

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Identify the stick area

Check whether to confirm that the installation of the door was proper. Scrutinize all four sides of the door. Check that the screws are fitted into the hinges perfectly and tight. If not, this could be the cause of why your door sticks. Rescrew the hinges securely back in place.

Check where the door sticks

Time and humidity may have made the door warp or swell. Make the sticky part with a pencil or scribe tool. You have to remove the door from the hinges and frame. Set it down on sawhorses and use your Power planer or Belt Sander to shave the area of the door that sticks. Shaving a door with sandpaper might be apposite where the sticky part is not very much.

Alternate shaving techniques for a door that sticks

According to Home Staging, you don’t have to remove your door down from its hinges to shave a door that sticks. Once you have identified the sticky door. All you need to get is a rasp.

Then, with a ladder or stool for leverage, climb up and use the Rasp to scrap off or shave the sticky part away. This technique is relevant where your door sticks at the top. Though, it may be relevant for a door that sticks at the bottom. However, what will determine if the Rasp will do the job is the amount of space available for you to be able to use the Rasp on the sticky door. In addition, a hand planning wood is an alternative to using the Power Planer or belt Sander.


  • Use Rasp for convenience if you do not want to remove the door from the hinges and hang it back. The Rasp is used for a door that sticks very lightly.
  • Rasp will be difficult on solid oak trees or hardwood. Thus, you might want to use a Belt Sander or Power Planer and sandpaper instead.
  • Be careful with Power Planer as it requires skills, so you don’t damage the door.
  • Wear safety glasses and a face mask to protect from the sawdust.
  • Where the job is very complex for you to do, kindly contact door shaving service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to shave down a door?

It depends on if you are going to do the shaving yourself or if you are to hire a carpenter. For a carpenter to shave down your door, it should cost an average of between $70 to $150 half a day. But the cost might reduce or soar based on your location. It will cost you triple, if not more, to get all the tools to do it yourself.

What are the benefits of shaving down a door?

Shaving down your door helps to ensure that your door closes to its frame well. It prevents friction. Also, you can lock it well. Furthermore, when you shave a door, you preserve the stress the stick would have on the hinges.

Can you shave down a door by yourself?

Yes, you can shave down a door by yourself. However, to complete the task, you will need all the tools a professional carpenter will use to shave down your door. These tools are purchasable if you have some quid to spend. Furthermore, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions above. Plus, the tips to achieve the desired results are in this article.

How much can you shave off the side of a door?

First, in terms of cost, it will cost you around $50 to $60 to shave off the side of a door. But this is only the cost if you hire a Door Shaving Service expert. The cost will skyrocket if you plan to do it yourself. It will cost you about four times more to get the tools needed for the job.

Second, in terms of how deep, you should shave off the side of a door intermittently and check it to ensure you do not shave more than is required. Any shaving more than 2-inches might result in your door not fitting or gripping well anymore.


A door that sticks or would not close very well can cause a headache. Doors often stick when they warp or swell. Sometimes, doors stick because, during installation, measures were not put in place to ensure they fit well. Additionally, a loose screw on the hinges may cause a sticky door.

This piece identified the reason why you have a sticky door. A step-by-step guide explained how to shave a door that sticks, ensuring you have access to the tools you require to achieve the task yourself. When you know how to shave down a door, it helps you address the issue in no time.

Though it may take a bit of your time and sweat, it will also cost you money, especially if you do not have access to these tools before now. You may have to buy them or rent them from a neighbor or friend who has them.

Furthermore, some tools like Power Planer and Belt Sander are advanced and require caution for use. You should follow all the tips in this article, and when you are stuck, ensure you check back the step-by-step guide or contact a professional.



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