How to spray paint metal bifold closet doors

How to Spray Paint Metal Bifold Closet Doors – Things You Must Do

Once in a while, fresh paint on a metal bifold closet door might just be the trick to updating your closet. When compared to brush painting, spray painting is quicker and offers a smoother finish. How to spray paint metal bifold closet doors? The hinges, brackets, and slider of the bifold closet door are to be masked. Masking off prevents spray paint from affecting the functionality of the metal bifold closet door. Here, I highlight an easy-to-follow procedure, tools, and spray paint to be used with relevant tips to get your DIY painting project running.

Types of spray paints

A brief guide to help you choose a suitable spray paint for use to update bifold closet doors.

  • Rust-preventive: Rust-preventive spray paints are appropriate for use on rust-prone surfaces.
  • Enamel: Enamel spray paints have a great degree of durability and a wide variety of uses.
  • Oil-based spray paints: You can work without a primer with oil-based spray paints. They are also long-lasting and rarely chip off.
  •  General-purpose: General-purpose spray paints are used for a variety of purposes. They are helpful when working on a project with several materials.
  • Chalkboard: As the name implies, chalkboard spray paints transform a surface into a board to be written on. It functions similarly to a standard chalkboard, and Chalkboard paint is ideal for a kid’s metal bifold closet door.

Type of spray paint finish

How do you want your metal bifold door to look? Spray paints affect the final look of your project. These are some of the categories of spray paint finishes;

  • Metallic spray paints: Metallic spray paints mimic a finish that resembles a reflective metal.
  • High-gloss spray paints: If you want to achieve the shiniest finish, high-gloss spray paints will achieve it.
  • Gloss spray paints: They have a slightly glossy sheen and are shinier than semi-gloss spray paint.
  • Semi-gloss spray paints: Semi-gloss spray paints have a characteristic of both flat spray paint and gloss spray paint.
  • Satin spray paints: They have a slight gloss but with a low radiance.
  • Flat spray paints: They have a matte appearance. They are ideal for achieving a subtle finish.

How to spray paint metal bifold closet doors

Here is a step-by-step guide that will upgrade your closet door to a modern bifold closet door.

Tools you’ll need

Before you’re going to spray paint metal bifold closet doors you must gather the below tools.

  • Medium-grit Sandpaper
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Respirator mask
  • Protective eyewear
  • Paint thinner (Optional)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Primer spray paint.
  • Enamel spray paint.

Step 1

To begin, decide on the best location for the project. Keep in consideration your project’s space and quantity needs. Ascertain that you are operating in a risk-free setting.

When breathed, aerosol fumes are harmful, and a well-ventilated workplace will decrease fume congestion. Having proper protective gear also contributes to safety.

Step 2

Assemble all your tools and keep them near your work location. Have everything from safety equipment to a sawhorse. A well-planned work enhances the likelihood of a high-quality paint job.

Step 3

After we have prepared the workspace, we’ll ready the bifold closet door for painting. Take the bifold closet door off its tracking system and bring it to the work area.

Step 4

Scrape away any lumps, damaged paint, or rust from the door using a scraper. This can also be done with a wire brush. Begin by sanding with medium grit sandpaper. Sand the bifold door’s surface to eliminate any corrosion or dried paint pockets. Smooth up any uneven surface regions using fine-grit sandpaper. When you’re finished with this step, use a paintbrush to clean up the surface.

Step 5

Dampen a clean rug or foam with water and clean the whole surface of the bifold closet door. You may wipe off the door with a dry towel or let it air dry Mask off any sections that should not have paint on them with a painter’s mask. The door handle and hinges are excellent examples.

Step 6

Before moving on, wear protective eyewear, rubber gloves, and a respirator mask. Ensure the tin can spray paint is in good condition to avoid uneven mist and splatters. To ensure this, take a piece of cardboard and spray it on a small area. This test will tell you if the spray can is in perfect condition. For the initial coat, use priming spray paint. There are several tins can paint sprays that do not require a primer to be utilized. As a general guideline, make sure to verify the type of spray paint you’re using.

Hold the tin can at least 12 inches away from the surface. Apply a thin layer of paint evenly with a back-and-forth hand movement (Left to right}. While doing so, ensure to overlay the layers onto the metal surface properly. Do not pose in the middle of the stroke or layer. Allow at least 20 minutes. Apply the second coat of spray paint. Thin coatings are ideal for such jobs. The use of primer ensures that the paint adheres effectively to the metal and provides longevity.

Step 7

After the primer has dried completely, apply the first thin enamel coat of your favorite color. Follow the tips from the first procedure and add the second coat. You can add as many as three layers until you achieve the desired finish. Observe the metal bifold closet door for any drips of dried paint or smudges. If you notice any, sand them down with fine grit paper. Clean the area with a dry piece of cloth. Respray to match the rest of the surface evenly.

Remove mask tapings used to cover specific areas and clean the parts with water to remove any residues from the masking tape’s glue. When done, the metal bifold closet door is good to go. Ready the equipment required to put the door back in the closet. Keep the work area clean after the project. Use a commercial paint remover or a thinner to wipe off spills.


Here are a few tips on how to spray paint metal bifold closet doors.

  • Before spraying, wear protective gloves, protective goggles, and a nose air filter to prevent any fumes from being inhaled. If possible, we will recommend you to do spray painting outdoors for ventilation purposes.
  • Carry out your double closet door painting project when there is less humidity. Humidity affects how spray paint adheres to the metal surface, and spray paint drying duration is also hindered.
  • Hold the spray tin can at the recommended distance from the surface being sprayed.  Manufacturers have different recommended spray distances.
  • Exercise patience between coat applications. Wait for at least 20 minutes before spraying the next layer.
  • Shake the tin can often throughout the spray-painting process. Shaking the tin can ensures proper mixing of all the residues in the paint. An adequately mixed paint gives out the intended color shade.
  • When you will complete the project, make it a habit to turn the tin can upside-down and spray on a sample area for about 15 seconds. This tip prevents clogging of the spray paint nozzle.
  • Use a sweep-like hand movement when spraying on metal surfaces. This technique assists in the correct layering of paint layers. It also reduces the chances of spraying too much paint on one area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint metal bifold doors?

Yes, it is possible to paint metal bifold doors. Always mask off parts such as the brackets and hinges to prevent voiding the functionality of the doors.

How do you paint metal folding closet doors?

Remove the door from the tracking system and prepare it for painting. Shake the primer tin can and apply three layers to the metal folding closet door. When all the coats have dried, add an enamel coat. Add layers up to the desired finish. Do correct any smudges or run-off paint after all the layers are dry. Repaint the area to match the rest of the metal folding closet door.

What kind of paint is used to paint bifold closet doors?

Bifold doors require enamel spray paint, and you can use semi-gloss or high-gloss spray paint, depending on the desired finish. Enamel spray paint is oil-based and being oil-based gives them the characteristic of being easy to clean.

Can you paint accordion doors?

Yes. Accordion doors are painted in a similar way to bi-fold doors. Observe that the tracking system is protected from the paint.


It’s high time you got to do that project that you’ve always postponed. Anyone can do a metal bifold closet door makeover without hard skills. Follow these tips to apply a makeover to your bifold pantry doors. Be sure to empty the pantry first. Hit the store, pick your preferred gear, and put a smile on that metal bifold closet door.



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