How to use pine sol on vinyl plank floors in bathroom

How to Use Pine Sol on Vinyl Plank Floors in Bathroom: Info Guide

Gone are the days when cleaning the bathroom was quite difficult because there were no sophisticated cleaning consumables available at the time. But as the world keeps evolving each day and as humans continue to use their innate creativity to devise and discover better ways to perform tasks that proved arduous, several cleaning agents have been introduced into the market to ease your bathroom cleaning project. One of these products is pine sol which you can use for cleaning vinyl plank floors in your bathroom. In this article, you will learn how to use pine sol on vinyl plank floors in bathroom and other miscellaneous matters.

However, since you might not know in detail what pine sol is, it is pertinent to start the discussion by first introducing the product to you. It will assist in knowing and having a full grasp of the kind of cleaning agent you are using when you clean your bathroom. Let us get down to business!

What is pine sol?

The pine sol is a household cleaning agent that is often used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home. According to the manufacturer of Pine sol, it is reputed to kill all germs up to 99.9% of them, and it disinfects any area that has been contaminated. The product cleans all areas thoroughly and leaves blissful scents around the places cleaned. Pine sol can clean tough bathroom stains and has fresh scents that could last a very long time. In addition, pine sol is said to be a great deodorant. On the types of surfaces that the pine sol can be used, the manufacturers noted that the pine sol is useable on hardwoods, granite, plastic, glass, ceramic tiles, carpet, cement, and several other surfaces.

Pine sol is a multipurpose cleanser. You can use it for laundry, disinfection, deodorizing, and other general cleaning activities. Historically, pine sol has been around since 1929, and they have never stopped making cheap cleaning agents for all households. Though many homeowners have wondered whether it is ideal to use pine sol on vinyl plank floors. It is now settled that pine sol can be used on vinyl plank floors in bathrooms. The manufacturers confirmed the safety and efficacy of pine sol on vinyl plank floors and other vinyl surfaces like PVC liners, among others.

Other cleaning agents like ammonia, rubber pad, wax, and the like are said to be bad for vinyl plank flooring. Pine sol has stood out as the frontrunner for the ideal cleaning agent to use on vinyl plank flooring of any surface.

Sometimes we understand how difficult it is to identify whether your flooring is vinyl. The confusion is not a big deal since vinyl looks somewhat like laminate or linoleum. But they are very different. As we are unable to show you the difference, yet you are eager to use pine sol for cleaning vinyl flooring, the manufacturer recommends testing the pine sol out in a very small area first to ascertain the eligibility for use on your flooring. Thus, you have identified pine sol cleaning products safe for vinyl planks by yourself.

A more fun fact about the pine sol cleaner is that it is a Diy vinyl cleaner, as you can use it yourself at your home without the need to call in a cleaning company. It is safe to use. However, we advise you to keep the container or other items the pine sol may have come in contact with out of the reach of children who would put anything into their mouths.

How to use pine sol on vinyl plank floors in bathroom

Naturally, you can use water and a towel to clean your kitchen every day, but you should use pine sol to clean commercial vinyl tile floors at least once a week or two weeks.

When you decide to use pine sol on vinyl plank floors in the bathroom, follow the following steps.

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Step 1: Get rid of surface dirt

Flooring hunts are critical about first getting rid of any surface dirt that may linger on the vinyl plank floors in the bathroom. Under this step, make sure that debris or fallen sharp materials are clear from the surface. Additionally, you are enjoined to dust off the dirt and other accumulated dirt from around the vinyl plank floors in the bathroom. This process can be carried out with a sweeper and a mop. But a vacuum cleaner will do a perfect and thorough job.

Step 2: Mix the solution

Get a bucket full of about a gallon of water and measure the cap of pine sol liquid and pour it into the waiting water in the bucket. Mix this solution together to help the pine sol circulate. You should ensure that you do not add more than a capful of pine sol to a bucket of water as the cleaning agent is very active and can result in your bathroom floor getting unnecessarily sticky. It is not the amount of the pine sol that cleans rather it is the active ingredient in the pine sol that does the cleaning.

Step 3: Mop your floor

With your mop dug into the mixed solution and squeezed completely devoid of water, mop your vinyl floor in the kitchen thoroughly. What you get if you do not squeeze water out of the mop is a solution that can penetrate between the openings of the vinyl kitchen floor, and cause serious problems to the underlay.

Step 4: Complete the process with water

After you have finished mopping the vinyl floor with the pine sol solution, you can rinse your mop with clean water. Afterward, run over the floor again with a water-clean mop. Finally, use a clean and dry towel to clean out the vinyl plank floor. It will help to prevent you or any members of your household from falling, and also it helps to prevent leakage into the cracks.

Benefits of pine sol

We delve into the benefits of pine sol given by Duramax. Though we note that there are many benefits of pine sol, we will be highlighting only the relevant benefits.

  • It is able to remove tough stains, mud stains, food stains, grease, and beverage stains.
  • They have a long-lasting scent that keeps your room and bathroom refreshing.
  • Pine sol is noted to wipe out all bacteria-related dirt.
  • They are fast action in killing germs and bacteria.
  • As little as a capful of pine sol is sufficient to work effectively as a Vinyl floor cleaner homemade agent.
  • It is suitable for use on different types of surfaces. Kindly check the above for the list of different surfaces that the pine sol can work on.
  • You can as well use pine sol as a laundry disinfectant.

How to use pine sol on vinyl plank floors in bathroom: Tips

  • Do not waste the pine sol by adding more than a capful in any gallon of water.
  • Ensure that all vinyl plank floors are cleared of debris, dust, and dirt before you mop the bathroom floor with the mixed solution of pine sol.
  • keep pine sol away from the reach of children no matter how safe it is.
  • Avoid wasting pine sol to prevent sticky grounds by only pouring a capful of pine sol in the mopping water of one gallon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use pine sol on vinyl plank floors?

Yes, pine sol is suitable for use on vinyl plank floors. You can identify the type of vinyl plank floor first by testing a small portion of the pine sol in a discreet place.

Do spine sol work on vinyl plank floors?

Yes, spine sol work on vinyl plank floors. It is amongst the listed floors that the spine sol can work on without damage, and ensures that your bathroom floor is disinfected and scents nicely always.

How well did pine sol work on the vinyl plank flooring?

Pine sol according to the manufacturer is rated a whopping 9.99 percent on its effectiveness in cleaning vinyl plank flooring. And other home users have testified to this.

Do I need to rinse floor after using pine sol?

Though it is not necessary that you rinse the floor after using pine sol. But the usual practice is to rinse it after using pine sol to avoid a sticky floor and the solution from seeping into the building floor.


Summarily, this piece examined how to use pine sol on vinyl plank floors in bathrooms but a quick introduction was given to get to know what pine sol is and why it has been identified as the go-to cleaning agent for vinyl plank floors in bathrooms. A step-by-step guide on how you can use pine sol to clean your home was discussed. The article further discussed the benefits of pine sol. You are advised to follow the expert tips for a safe and seamless cleaning process.



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