Outlet Reset Button Keeps Popping

Outlet Reset Button Keeps Popping: Find Out The Solution Here!

There are several reasons why an outlet reset button keeps popping in your home. These might be due to no fault of any human damage. But still, the outlet reset button does not work. So what are the reasons why an outlet reset button keeps popping? We will discuss this below. Sit tight while we give you the full details.

Why does the outlet reset button keeps popping?  

Outlet reset buttons keep popping for different reasons. So what are the reasons? We will highlight them in the following paragraphs.

  • An outlet reset button can pop because there is too much power running into the outlet box. This can happen when the current gets too high, and the outlet box is unable to regulate the power coming into it. 
  • In another instance, the outlet reset button can pop because there is a fault with the reset button on the outlet box.
  • The circuit breaker is another appliance that may be causing the outlet reset button to keep popping.
  • Slate is of the opinion that water is another reason that the outlet button will keep popping. Water can damage light appliances, and you should be on the lookout for any water that might have gotten into the outlet box.
  • A flickering light can cause the circuit breaker to be faulty. Drop By My House says a flickering light can make the circuit breaker become overloaded and this can in turn affect the outlet box.

What are the potential causes of the outlet reset button popping and the solutions?

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the potential causes of the outlet reset button keeps popping, and after we have digested the problem one after the other, we will then examine the solutions to remedy the problem. Also, we will touch on the furnace high limit switch keeps tripping issues and how to resolve same. Keep reading while we bring you the details in an orderly manner below.

Bad connection or lose parts

Your outlet reset button might keep popping due to the fact that the connections were not perfectly done. Or if they were done, they could have gone loose over time due to wear and tear. This second reason is a natural occurrence that normally happens on its own. A bad connection or a loose part may the reason why your ground fault circuit interrupter won’t reset. 

The identified parts that may not be properly fitted or maybe loose are, for example, the wires that are connected together, the connection stab, and the screws that are located in the terminal. So what is the possible solution to this identified problem? The easiest way to solve this issue is to open the connection box to check for the wires that are not connected properly or the fittings that might have gotten loose over time. Where the wires have gone bad, you may have to replace the damaged wires with a new one, or in extreme cases, you will require a new outlet installation.

Lack of power to the receptacle

An outlet reset button will pop when no power is getting to the receptacle. At this point, hitting the outlet reset button severally will have no effect on it because a defect may have occurred to the circuit interrupter. This is why you see that the reset button won’t stay pushed in. A clear fix is to turn off the circuit breaker and turn it back on after a little time interval. This should get the problem resolved. But if this does not solve the problem. You may need to call an electrician to have a look at it.

The GFCI outlet has gone bad

Gfci keeps popping out because the GFCI outlet has gone bad. Almost everything in life, just like humans, has an expiry date. And your gfci is no exception to the rule. It may have outlived its usefulness and need to be changed. The way to know is by considering the age of the gfci. Any gfci that has gone passed its tenth year needs to be replaced. Kindly get a new outlet and give it to an electrician if you are unable to install it yourself.

Ground fault wiring issue

A recurrent issue at the ground fault along the branch circuit could be one of the reasons why your outlet reset buttons keeps popping. Immediately you notice this, you are advised by Electricity Corp to phone in the electrician to help you solve the issue, and they may also discover other faults you might be unable to identify yourself.

Mis-wired outlet

An outlet reset button that keeps popping may be due to the button not being pushed in quite enough. It happens when the wires are not properly placed, or there was a miswiring somewhere during installation. This can cause an outlet, not the working scenario. You will need to have the wire re-wired in order to prevent the outlet reset button from popping.

How to prevent this from happening in the future

Keep the outlet safe from water

If you have an issue with the recurrent outlet reset button that keeps popping, the issue might be because water is seeping into it. The best way to prevent this from happening in the future is to keep water away from the outlet reset button that keeps popping. You can also purchase a waterproof covering for the outlet reset button. It will ensure that water does not find its way into the outlet reset button, and keeps the outlet lasting for a long time, and prevent damage.

Experience wiring

It is often tempting to have the connection of wires and install your outlet reset button done by yourself. Yes, that is a very good practice and a tactical way to save money. But if you do not know the procedure to properly install the outlet button or connect the wires, it might lead to the outlet reset buttons keep popping problem. Therefore, you should call in an expert to help you with the connection and installation of the outlet box. Additionally, note that improper installation may cause loose parts, and this, in turn, may affect the outlet reset button.

Purchase quality products

Ensure that all your electrical appliances and tools are purchased at certified stores that sell only quality products. You do not want to buy parts that give you problems in the future when they start acting up.

The outlet reset button keeps popping: Tips

  • Wear rubber gloves and shoes when working at the connection box of electricity. It is of utmost importance to protect you from any unforeseen electrical hazard.
  • Check your outlet carefully to be sure it is not water-causing it to pop.
  • Call your electrician for complex installation and changes to your GFCI.
  • Buy quality products at the designated store with a good reputation for selling good electrical fittings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my GFCI outlet keep popping?

The main reason GFCI outlet keeps popping is due to a major wiring problem. It could be a result of improperly fitted wires, or the connection may have shifted. Another is where water has gotten into the GFCI outlet. This can really prevent it from working. Afterthought connections that were not part of the initial wiring process could also be why the GFCI outlet keeps popping.

How to tell if gfci breaker is bad?

The first sign that a gfci breaker is bad is when you see light sparkling from the outlet. Another indication is when the outlet gives a humming sound. When you notice that most of your outlet do not receive electricity, that is a sign of a bad GFCI. Overheating and a bad smell coming from the outlet could be a sign that the breaker is bad.

What does it mean when the reset button on an outlet keeps popping?

It means that there is a problem with the connection, or that the outlet is outdated, and should be changed or examined by a professional for any issues. That would help the electrician to know the solution to the problem.

Why do some outlets have a reset button?

The reason for the outlets having a reset button is to enable them to repair themselves when there is a fault. According to the inventor of the GFCI, a reset button was necessary to help the outlet try to resolve any issues that may arise due to wiring and electricity.


In summary, this article discussed outlet reset button keeps popping in detail by examining why it happens. Then it discussed the causes and provide solutions on how to solve each of the problems. The write-up reached its climax when it provided three ways to prevent the future occurrence of the outlet button that keeps popping. You are advised to follow the expert tips due to the fact that electricity is delicate, and it requires paying attention to details when you are trying to solve the gfci outlet.

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